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Never! Just because your good or think your good at Basketball means the n.b.a. officials are going to pick you up on a silver platter! GET AN EDUCATION FIRST!

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Q: Can you make it to the NBA without a high school diploma?
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How much money do people without a high school diploma make per year on average?


How mush money do you make when you drop out?

Without a high school diploma you will probably not make much better than minimum wage.

How much money would a person without a high school diploma make?

In the United States, in general jobs that do not require a high school diploma or GED pay minimum wage, between $7.25 and $8.00 an hour.

How much do a person make with out a high school diploma?

depends on what you do.

What are the disadvantage of not having a high school diploma?

You start with a strike against you, but you can correct that by going back to school. You can attend a community college without a high school diploma. No high school diploma means you will get min wage jobs and have a harder time in life. Get up and get going.if you are in school STAY there. I know there are times it seems hard or a waste of time, but it is the ONLY way to make you life better. You can't even join the military without a high school diploma. Don't start with a strike against you .

How much does one make a year with a high school diploma?

In these days of such high technology a high school diploma isn't worth much so if you want to make big dollars you might consider staying in school, and getting a good education because with just a High School Diploma you will be lucky to get a job as a gas jockey

How much money does someone with a high school diploma make?

Well, I think it's the college diploma that really matters. Hmm not so much the high school one but I am not sure. Probably not as much with a college diploma. :)

How much will a nurse make without a high school diploma?

I'm more than sure you cannot even qualify to become a Nurse without some college credit.

How much money would someone make with a high school diploma?

how the hell am i supposed to know? im still in high school!!!

Do high school graduates make more than drop outs?

yes they usually make more money than someone with no high school diploma

Do you need and high school diploma for makeup artist school?

I've noticed all cases are different. I don't have a high school diploma. Because I have a MID disability. So when I was in high school I was only able to get a high school certificate. Which means I completed high school I just don't have the Diploma. Hair dressing schools only accept the diploma. Where esthetics will accept the certificate. I just enrolled to a make up school and they accepted the certificate. Where some make up schools don't accept it. I think you only need 13 credits for the certificate.

How old do you have to be to drop out?

This is not advised as you will only be able to make minimum wage when you apply for work. If you are male you can not get into the military service either without a high school diploma.

Getting Your High School Diploma Online?

There are many benefits of going back to school to receive your high school diploma. Many adults think of high school as kid stuff, but they don't realize that having a proper high school diploma can effect the salary they make and the stability of their job. It has been proven that adults who have their high school diploma are 37% less likely to be unemployed than adults who do not have a high school diploma. Salary statistics are also effected greatly due to having or not having a high school diploma. Those with a diploma bring home, on average, $550 a week as opposed to those who do not have a diploma and bring home about $400 a week. Individuals who are interested in obtaining their high school diploma have several options to do so. The Internet is an ideal place to look to get your high school diploma online. There are several websites and online programs that have classes and courses available to those wishing to further their lifetime careers and job opportunities. GED programs are not the same as high school diploma programs. GED programs focus on only four groups of education while high school diploma programs focus on all areas of study. While GED's are widely accepted, high school diploma's are often looked at more favorably. Taking online courses in order to receive your high school diploma are known as distance learning programs. Distance learning is becoming very popular for students and working adults who want a high school diploma and who can not travel to school. Certain schools online are private and others are charter. Private online high schools require a tuition fee and upon completing the course, will reward the student with a high school diploma. There are also free courses available online for students who wish to receive their GED. Taking a trip to your local library or high school will be starting points to achieving a high school diploma. Books and courses have been written and published concerning high school diploma programs and courses. If you are looking to enroll into college, obtaining your high school diploma is the first step to being accepted. Those who have dropped out of high school without a diploma have uncertain futures and may find they suffer with a relatively rocky life when it concerns financial and career issues. Receiving your high school diploma online or offline is a great way to brighten and expand the possibilities of your future.

What is the average amount of money can you make with a high school diploma?

about $25,900/year.your welcome.................................-genius

Can you make a high school diploma and it be accepted?

No. There has to be a transcript showing course work and grade to go with it.

Does finishing high school has no connection to how much money you can earn?

You will make more than a million dollars more in your lifetime if you have a high school diploma.

Do you need a high school diploma to be a singer?

Yes. The percentage of successful singers who make a living is low, and most make do with their day jobs until (or if) they make it. Get your diploma and move forward.

Where can I get my high school diploma online?

Just do a Google search on "HS Diploma online" - you will get dozens of hits. Be careful to make sure you work with a company that has a good reputation. Also consider contacting your local public school district - many offer free prep classes for people wanting to get their graduate equivalent diploma.

How do you get an accredited high school diploma if you dropped out ten years ago?

Getting a GED is for anyone who wants to complete their diploma regardless when they dropped out of school. All you need to do is make contact with a place that offers the degree and complete it, You will then be the proud owner of a diploma.

You studied high school in Mexico city and you need to make a transcription an equivalence of credits with a high school diploma here in the US where you can do that?

at the senate of the governmental poilicies in the united states

In 2005 the typical worker with a high school diploma made 6000 more than a typical high school dropout Over the course of a lifetime this suggests that a high school graduate will make how much?


In 2005 the typical worker with a high school diploma made 6000 more than a typical high school dropout Over the course of a lifetime this suggests that a high school graduate will make how much more?


Can you get your high school diploma online?

Answer 1: Yes. But make sure that if you do sign up for an online school that it is creditable and does not give fake diplomas. How reliable is the diploma, I mean if you take the diploma will people hire you or will Universities and colleges still accept your diploma? yesAnswer 2: Answer 1 is quite confusing. Let me see if I can clear things up.The simple answer is "yes," you can get your high school diploma entirely online. However, there's a caveat; and that caveat, simply, is that you must make sure that the online high school is "regionally" accredited......meaning accredited by one of the United States's six big "regional" accreditors that are approved by the US Department of Education (USDE).It matters, not, whether the high school diploma is earned in a traditional classroom, or online, as long as the high school -- whichever kind it is -- is "regionally" accredited. Period. It's as simple as that.As long as the online high school is "regionally" accredited (and you must independently verify that; never take the high school's word for it, because the "diploma mills" will lie), then its diploma is exactly the same, and may be used for the exact same purposes as any local, community, city or county public school system in-classroom high school's diploma.The trick, simply, is to ensure that the high school -- no matter what kind it is -- is "regionally" accredited.That's the long and short of it.

Can you make something of yourself without a diploma?


Why is a high school diploma is importent?

Because without it you can't make any money beyond working at McDonald's. We are paid for what we know. Looks to me like you need to start paying attention in school RIGHT NOW. IMPORTENT IS SPELLED IMPORTANT.