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You cannot create a tag team finisher in Smackdown vs. Raw 2011. However, you can give your created superstar a premade one in create-a-moveset.

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Q: Can you make a tag team finisher in svr 2011?
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How do you make a freeze finisher in svr 2011?


Is svr 2011 ladder finisher for ps2?

yes you can do it by your finisher. Go on the top of the ladder and wait for your opponent to come near you and hit the finisher button then you got it..

How do you do a finish freeze in svr 2011?

Go to online,community creations,type in Freeze Finisher.

How do you make a finisher in sd vs raw 2007?

In svr 2007 you cannot make a finisher you can only pick one in the in the superstar moveset selection.

Do you have to grapple to do your finisher svr 11?


Will svr 2011 be a good game?

Yes. You can do your finisher through tables, suplex em through the hell in a cell wall' make your own sign. The game will be awesome

How do you copy opponent finisher in svr 2011 ps2?

first go to create a move set then pick the superstar if created or in the game go to abilities and pick move thief and when u have a finisher move press R1 + triangle then he will make it

What is a Tombstone Piledriver in SvR 2009?

It's Undertaker's finisher.

What is Ted dibiase jr finisher in svr 09?

dream crusher

How do you get out of a hell in a cell on smack down vs raw 2011?

de ballsackkss You're wrong there, mate. In svr 2010 you can just open the door, but in svr 2011 you have to stand in the corner closest to the announcer table and use a signature or a finisher, and you'll throw your opponent through the cell wall.

How do put your oppont into a table on fire in svr 2010 for Wii?

When you have your finisher drag you opponate to the table and do your finisher nO Dont Listen to Him TO Do It Well... You cant

What is the difference between svr 2011 and svr 2011 limited edition?

svr 2011 is normal svr 2011 limited edition has the downloadable code for bret hart