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No, not only are there no .68 caliber bullets, but it would be easier to make a gun from scratch then to make a paintball gun into one. <--- As for his answer it wouldn't seem possible but there is a way they make conversion kits for turning a 20,16,12,10, and 410 into a 22 Lr-22 short, 9mm, 45 colt, and much more i figured that the Diameter of a paintball gun barrel is close to a 16G shotgun shell, all you would have to do is cnc the kit down to fit the paintball gun barrel and create a firing mec with the stock receiver. 16g to 22lr is 29$, I would rather pay for a conversion kit and mill it down for 35$ is alot cheaper then buying a new gun. You will have to check with the local and state laws for your area for creating a gun most the time they wont have a problem, it is perfectly LEGAL* if the barrel is over 16 inches? its either 16-18 inches and you are not mass producing them, or selling/trading, but for PERSONAL USE ONLY!* The cool part is Paintball guns go up too 22 inch of barrel, More for the sniper paintball guns but i think that would be cool to convert a sniper M16 paintball gun or a T68 GEN7 EXTREME DELTA SNIPER PAINTBALL GUN into a 22. I would go bigger but the guns are only made out of cheap Aluminum instead of modern steel. SO BE SAFE! tie the sucker to a tree and fire it lol. *!IM NOT HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS TAKEN BY THE USER!*

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NO u cannot because the gun is designed for paintballs not marbles

Edit yes they can if the right size marble are use an increasing the the preasu7re setting on the marker most gun are good to go out the box (even crappy wall ones) but i would recommend in creasing your gun co2 setting for better range also this can be done with great accuracy not be careful on how high u set the pressure if you shatter the marble in the barrel you will end up destroying your marker trust on know from expearance also dont shoot any one because unlike standard paintball marble can penetrate and do serious damage.

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No, do not attempt this. bb's are small and will jam up the gun, as well as being unsafe to fire.

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You can't,the parts are not strong enough to supress that kind of pressure

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Q: Can you make a paintball gun shoot a real bullet?
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When does paintball become a crime?

paintballing becomes a crime when you shoot people not playing,shoot animals,shoot houses .cars,or any object that is not natural and depending on your region you may not be allowed to play in forests around you or shoot the off of your own properity. Also, if you use a paintball to assist in a robbery or pretend a paintball is real, it becomes a weapons crime.

What co2 pellet guns shoot rubber balls?

First, Pellet guns don't shoot rubber balls, they just shoot pellets. But I know what you are asking. I believe you are asking about RAM (Real Action Markers) paintball guns. These guns shoot a .43 caliber paintball or Rubber ball, not the much larger .68 caliber paintball that is associated with Paintball games. RAM guns are used for training by the police and other agencies. They feel just like a real firearm and even have blowback when fired. Umarex co carries a line of RAM guns. See the link below.

Is bullet ants real?

Yes bullet ants are real

Do paintball guns have a recoil?

yes, paintball guns do have recoil, but no where near a real gun.

Can you shoot from blank gun with rubber bullets?

Any gun can shoot blanks. However, generally speaking, a "blank gun" such as a starters pistol, has a blocked barrel so it cannot fire a bullet...real or rubber.

Do marines train with paintball?

No they fire real rounds on a range.

How do you identify a paintball gun?

A paintball gun, unlike airsoft or real firearms will have a hopper on top, and will have a co2 tank sticking out of the back.

Could playing paintball possibly make me less careful and safe with real guns?

If you aren't mature enough to play paintball, you aren't mature enough to use firearms. There is no way you can confuse paintball or vidoegames or airsoft for what you should be doing with actual guns, unless you are not old enough to use guns.

What are the release dates for The Real World - 1992 Beth puts the Smackdown in Paintball 2-20?

The Real World - 1992 Beth puts the Smackdown in Paintball 2-20 was released on: USA: 28 October 1993

Is a 729 bullet shell real or not?

The 729 Lazzeroni is a real cartridge.

Are there silencers for paint ball guns?

There Are no true silencers or suppressors for paintball markers, only mock ones. You need a firearm suppressor permit in order to get a real suppressor, so companies don't make any. Also A paintball gun signature is fairly quiet.

How far can a 17 fireball shoot acuratly?

For me the 17 fireball is accurate out to approximately 400 yards. Past 400 yards wind becomes a big factor in accuracy. If it's a real windy day, I don't try to shoot much beyond 200 yards. The 17 caliber bullet drifts about twice as much as a 30 caliber bullet in the wind so it has around half the range in terms of accuracy.