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Q: Can you major in sports at college?
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What did Jackie Robinson major in in college?


What did Ryan Lochte major in college?

Sports management.

Where is recreational sports offered?

Any major college or university.

What has the author Richard Billingsley written?

Richard Billingsley has written: 'Major college football, 1982' -- subject(s): College sports, Football, Statistics 'Major college football' -- subject(s): College sports, Football, Statistics

What do college athletes major in in college?

Well honestly, anything they want, but usually a sports related major. Here's an Example: Colt McCoy, Texas Longhorn's Quarterback 2006-2009, Major: Sports Management...

What sports does Fox College Sports cover?

Fox College Sports is a group of three United States digital cable networks. Major sports it covers includes basketball, tennis, paintball, baseball, and gymnastics.

What are the major sports in Kansas?

Kansas and Kansas State (College) basketball is big.

What Major League Baseball player played 2 sports in college?

Deion Sanders

What did Ronald Reagan major in while in college?

He went to Eurkea college, a community college, where he studied economics and sociology. He played football and was in college plays. After college he was a radio sports announcer.

Why do you have sports in college?

They have sports in college to partly have more fun in college but to give entertainment in college

Where can you follow college sports online?

College sports can be followed on websites such as CBS Sports. ESPN and Fox Sports also report from college sports. Another option is to use the many twitter accounts and blogs that focus on college sports.

Are pro or college sports watched more?

College sports are typically more watched than pro sports. This is because there are a lot of college sports fans.

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