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outdoors both

soccer, Basketball

football, volleyball






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Q: Can you list some indoor and outdoor games?
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What are some traditional children's games?

Traditional children's games can be categorized as indoor games and outdoor games. Some indoor games are board games such as Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders. Many cards games include Old Maid, Go Fish, and War. Outdoor games are tag, Red Rover, cops and robbers, and keep away.

Are frogs a outdoor or indoor animal?

both because you can have some as pets and some as not for pets

What are some brands that sell indoor and outdoor thermometers?

Some brands that sell indoor and outdoor thermometers are Oregon Scientific, Maplin, Extech, Silverline, NScessity, Taylor, Timex, ETI, Judge and Metaltex.

Are there plastic adirondack chairs availabe for indoor and outdoor use?

"Sure, there are some plastic adirondack chairs available for both indoor and outdoor uses. You can search on amazon or ebay for some chairs for cheap prices."

What kind of playing surface is lacross played on?

Outdoor Lacrosse is usually played on a grass field but there are some outdoor turf fields. Indoor Lacrosse is played at indoor turf arena.

What are some words that end with the letters DOOR?

indoor, outdoor, adoor (just kidding) :)

Is an indoor and outdoor soccer ball different?

yes because some are little and rubber.

What are the disadvantages of an indoor outdoor grill?

Some disadvantages of an indoor outdoor grill is the fact that your house will smell like smoke. Another disadvantage is the fact that a fire is more likely to occur inside your home.

What game is famous in Iran?

Mainly Soccer both indoor and outdoor, then wrestling, boxing, vollyball, Handball as well as other sports and some cultural games as well.

What are some good indoor games?


What are some popular brands on indoor outdoor weather stations?

There are many brands of indoor outdoor weather stations. Among the most popular are Davis, RainWise, La Crosse Technology, Oregon Scientific, and Meade Instruments.

Does water polo is an indoor games?

some complexes have indoor pools, so yes.

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