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In a throw in both feet need to stay on the ground. You may get a running start and drag one foot behind you, but both feet need to stay on the ground. If a foot is lifted the throw in will go to the other team.

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2008-08-07 20:07:13
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Q: Can you lift either foot off the ground in a throw in?
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How many foot pounds to lift a 2 ton elephant?

4,000 foot pounds of energy (work) for each foot highyou lift it off the ground,regardless of whether you do it with a lever, a pulley, a jack, a hydraulic lift, oryour bare hands.

What is the force required to lift a 270 kg rock one foot off the ground?

In order to lift a 270 kg, which is about 596 pounds rock one foot off the ground you will need a forklift or other weight lifting machinery. A normal person will not be able to lift a rock that heavy on their own.

Why do you run slow with cleats?

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Can a shooter in NETBALL lift her landed foot and rest it on the other foot before taking a shot?

Yes she can so long as her grounded foot doesn't touch the ground again.

In netball which foot are you not allowed to move when you have the ball?

After you catch the ball, whichever foot touches the ground first is called your landing foot; if both feet touch the ground simultaneously, or if both feet are already on the ground when you catch the ball, then you can choose either foot to be the landing foot.Whichever foot is your landing foot, the other foot can be moved however you like, essentially so long as your landing foot stays in the same spot. Well, almost. To complicate things, you are allowed lift your landing foot off the ground, as long as your other foot remains still once the landing foot is lifted. You must also let go of the ball before your landing foot touches the ground again.Needless to say, you can't drag your landing foot, nor can you hop, skip or run with the ball. And you have to release the ball within three seconds.

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A heel snap turn is when you lift your foot slightly of the ground and tap it on your ankle leave it there while you do a turn (on 1 foot) then put it back down.

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yes. a hurricane can lift a houso out of the ground.

How can you reverse a suplex?

You reverse a suplex by standing with feet firlmy on the ground, then when your opponent goes to lift you off the ground, put your right foot behind their leg. That is how you reverse a suplex.

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A heel snap turn is when you lift your foot slightly of the ground and tap it on your ankle leave it there while you do a turn (on 1 foot) then put it back down.

How to play throw ball?

take a ball in ur hand ,lift it,and throw it

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