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Why on earth would you want to? It's very unlikely to do the job for you, if you don't want to buy a mallet just get a cricket ball and knock that against the bat - although that is a pretty hard way to do it.

If you play cricket, chances are you'll know someone who can lend you a mallet. If you don't, buy a mallet and accept lots of people will want to borrow it!

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Q: Can you knock in a cricket bat with a golf ball?
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Can you knock in a cricket bat with a ball in a sock?

yes you can but make sure it is a long sock

Can you knock a cricket bat in with a cocky ball?

yes you can also oil your bat before u do it u dnt wnt to damage the bat

Why do you nock in a cricket bat?

we do knock a cricket bat because it is knocked ...:P

What are the Uses of cricket bat?

the use of a cricket bat is to hit the ball whilst your playing cricket

How do you put a cricket bat in personification?

the cricket bat threw threw the ball away

Is a junior cricket bat a hard ball bat?

it depends .

Can you use a normal cricket ball on a non oil cricket bat?

yes you can but its just that the ball want come smoothly of the bat

What game is cricket most like?

cricket is about hiting a ball with a bat

How do you play the game cricket?

The game cricket is a game which we have to play with a cricket bat and a ball

Does anyone know a homemade alternative to a cricket bat mallet that can be made very quickly?

A very popular alternitive to a bat mallet is a cricket ball in a sock, i know it sounds strange but this is how many cricket knock in and prepare their bat. Put the ball in the sock and grab the sock just above the ball leaving a gap so it can swing round. Then just start to hit the same spot and it works just like a bat mallet :)

What games are played with a bat and no ball?

One game played with a bat and no ball is Piñata.Games played with a bat and ball include baseball and cricket.

What do you do when seam marks appear in your cricket bat?

Your bat needs knocking. You have to Knock in completely and marks will not appear.

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