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no, you could use your stick, but Lacrosse is a game where the ball is wanted above the ground at all times, so i wouldn't recommend that.

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Q: Can you knock down a lacrosse ball with your hands?
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What do you do to the bowling ball to knock the pins down?

You deliver the bowling ball down the lane to knock the pins down.

What happens when you knock 8 pins down on the first ball and only knock down 1 pin with the second ball?

you get a 9

Why was the bowling ball made?

To knock down the pins.

What can be hit by a golf ball and knock down boxes?

the mailman.

What is a bowling ball?

A bowling ball is a ball that is used in the game of bowling, where you roll the ball down an aisle and try to knock down as many pins as you can.

Why do you have to put your stick down in lacrosse?

At the start and after a goal of each lacrosse game, there is a faceoff. This is where 2 players put their sticks on the ground with the ball in the middle and fight for the ball

How does the weight of a bowling ball effect how many pins it knocks down?

That depends on how heavy your bowling ball is. If it is a 6 pound ball, it will not knock down as many pins as you would want it to. If you had a 14 pound ball, chances are you will knock down more pins with a heavier bowling ball.

What does yellow mean in a lacrosse game?

"Yellow" is a term used in Boys lacrosse which means to slow it down,or hold onto the ball.

What one dose this to a bowling ball to knock down the pins?


What is it called when you don't knock down any pins?

Gutter Ball

What is wrecker ball?

It's used to knock down buildings. Big ball suspended from a cable on a wrecker.

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