Can you kill stellar jays

Updated: 12/8/2022
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yes you can, theese irritating egg smashers need to die! here in washington they are invasive and smash up the robin eggs and luckily the local raven population is fighting back there smarter than a seagul however and know to fly away if they see a gun. obviously im not the only one who hates them.

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Q: Can you kill stellar jays
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What are stellar jays' adaptations?

The stellar jays adaptation is the stellar jays egg changes color in different seasons and the season it hatches say winter for example it could adapt to snowy places.

Where do stellar jays sleep?

In their feathers bed

What are Names of raucous birds?

Crows, ravens, blue jays, Stellar's jays, parrots, cockatiels.

What is the stellar jays adaptations?

Stellar's Jay birds adaptations have the ability to fly. Fly Like A Bird!

Are peanuts good for blue jays?

NO they will kill you

Does rice kill blue jays?

No. It is an urban myth that eating rice will kill birds.

Is it illegal to kill blue jay in Ohio?

It is legal to kill blue jays in Kentucky

Can you kill a solar system star?

Stars can be killed by a stellar objects during a collision.

Where are blue jays mostly live?

Bleu Jays are mostly in the northern latitudes and in the east... If you are seeing Blues on the lower west coast, chances are they are Stellar Jays.

Gary Denbo is the newest hitting coach for the Blue Jays His stellar credentials include the turnaround of the Yankees offence Who is he replacing?

On October 9, 2007 the Blue Jays announced the hiring of Gary Denbo as hitting coach to replace Mickey Brantley, who had been hired during the 2005 season.

What sentence can you use stellar in?

"Stellar" means "related to a star", so you can use it in expressions such as "stellar wind", "stellar atmosphere", "stellar fusion", etc.

Is it illegal to kill blue jays in the state of Kansas?

Yes..Protected by the Migratory Bird Act.