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Q: Can you kick the ball out of a goal keeper's hands in soccer?
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When soccer ball is in possession of goal keeper can the opponent keep kicking the ball?

no because the keeper if has two hands on the ball you can not kick it but if the keeper has one hand on the ball you may kick it out of the keepers hands.

What is a goalkeepers job?

the goal keepers job is to save the soccer ball from entering the goal

In water polo can you knock the ball out of the goal keepers hands?

if its acually in its ahnd then no but if about to get it like an inch then you can get it :]

What is a goal keepers qualities?

The goal keepers qualities are to keep the other teams ball from coming into the goal.

What is the only person in soccer that is allowed to touch the ball with their hands?

The goal keeper.

Why do goal keepers use towels?

Goalkeepers use towels to wipe their wet hands and the ball. As it rains often in England.

Can the goal keeper in soccer leave his box and kick the ball?

Yes, but he cannot use his/her hands.

Can you head the soccer ball out of a goal keepers hands?

No. Once the goal keeper has possession of the ball, you cannot play it. Defining "has possession" is a decision to be made by the referee. Although, in fixtures prior to a new ruling there have been occasions in which a player has headed the ball out of a goalkeepers HAND (singular). Notable a Nottingham Forest - Manchester City game.

Definition of soccer?

Let's be terse and cogent: a form of football played by two 11-member teams in which the ball may be kicked or bounced off any part of the body but the arms and hands (exception: the goal-keepers)

How do you maake a goal in soccer?

Kick the soccer ball into the goal

When were soccer goal keepers able to cross mid field?


Are soccer goal keepers allowed to cross mid field?


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