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No. You need to throw it back because the match relies on the 6 balls in play. This makes it even all matches.

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2009-10-18 19:01:25
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Q: Can you keep a tennis ball that goes into the crowd at a professional match?
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How quickly does a tennis ball lose its bounce during a tennis match?

After about 3 sets of recreational (amateur) tennis, or 8 games of professional tennis.

Can you kick a tennis ball in a match and it be counted a legitimate return?


When was the first tennis match played?

In 1926, the first professional tennis player played a tournament. However, in 12th century France, it is believed the first tennis game was created. The ball was struck with the back of the hand and created in a monastery.

Does a tennis ball bounce?

Yes, it does. Observe any tennis match or practice, or obtain a ball and just drop it and see what happens.

What are the required properties of a tennis ball?

The required properties of a tennis ball for use at the professional level are too complex to list on this website. Click on the International Tennis Federation - - the guiding body for all professional tennis - - link, below, for information.

How fast does a tennis ball travel?

The speed of a tennis ball can be determined by who is hitting it. An amateur or young child is not going to hit the ball as fast as a professional. At the professional level the ball can travel over one hundred miles an hour.

What was the first professional sport ever played with a ball?

Tennis. Henry the eighth played tennis.

What are Lobster tennis ball machines used for?

The Lobster tennis ball machines are used by professional tennis players for practising their tennis skills. These machines sweep the tennis balls to the left or right and are used during physical workouts by the tennis players.

What is the average tennis ball speed in professional tennis rallies?

96 km/h 60 m/h

How are football and tennis the different?

In tennis you hit the ball with a racket in football you kick the ball and are not aloud to pick the ball up in the match unless your a goalie.

How long does a tennis ball last?

Two opposing professional tennis players can go through a brand new tennis ball in under an hour. It really depends on the use of the tennis ball, though. If the tennis ball just sits around and is only played with a few hours a week at a non-competitive level, then the new tennis ball can last about three weeks until definite characteristics of the tennis ball have changed.

The bubble model of the origin of life can best be compared to?

A tennis ball during a match

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