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No you can not. Pools contain Chlorine. That would kill the fish.

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Q: Can you keep a pet fish in a swimming pool?
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What must you do if there is a frog in your pool?

Nothing...Keep it as a pet

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Simple.Because it will be thinking that you are going to kill it.

What pet is easiest to keep?

any pet to keep is a huge responsibility but if you want your first pet u should get a fish

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You can keep thousands of different types of fish as pets.

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probably a disease called ick. remedy is at pet store

How do you cure a fish that is swimming through bubbles?

It is not unusual for pet fish to enjoy swimming through the bubble streams created by bubblers in tanks. No cure is needed for this 'symptom.'

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Yes you can, but keep it in water. If its a saltwater fish put salt in the water, and if it is not then don't.

What are some basic tips on keeping a pet fish?

Some basic tips on keeping a pet fish include choosing a correct tank size and knowing how much to feed a pet fish. Pet fish are relatively easy to keep, and can be bought from a variety of pet stores such as Petsmart and PETCO.

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...probably not the best idea to keep an endangered animal as a pet. (; (they are quite large as well)

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Depends on the fish but keep the right temp, get a biowheel filter, and dont use gravle becasue it causes a lot of proploms.

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pet fish or fish pet. You can say it however you want, but I say pet fish.AnswerIn English it is proper to say "pet fish" because in this case, 'pet' is actually being used as an adjective to modify the noun 'fish' by defining the relation between you and the fish. While its not UNIVERSALLY true, in English, adjectives come before the noun as in "red ball".

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Oh herro! A pet fish!

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Yes. But it takes time to buy and very difficult to keep it alive!

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Can you keep a wild bird as a pet?

You can keep a baby wild bird as a pet but not the father or mother. If the bird is of an endangered species, you need licensing from the Department of Fish and Game in order to keep it and raise it. Check your local wildlife department.