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No. You can have hair on your breasts, but pubic hair is in the pubic area of your body.

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Q: Can you have pubic hair on your breast?
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What stimulates the development of breast and pubic hair?


What develops first breast or pubic hair?

Usually breasts.

Is there pubes near nipples on breast?

There can be hair on the breast and near the nipples. Pubic refers to a specific area of the body so they are not pubic hairs.

My breast are developing at age 9 and I have pubic hair. Is that normal?

Yes you can. I might be going through puberty, My breasts are developing and I have pubic hair and I'm 9

Why there are no pubic hair on your breast?

The purpose of breasts are for mothers to feed babies. There would be no need to have pubic hair on the breasts. However, the reason for pubic hair around the genitals is to protect against friction and to stop infections entering the body.

What signals the onset of puberty in females?

Breast buds, underarm hair, pubic hair, body odor increases....

What physical changes happen during puberty?

lots: breast development, underarm and leg hair, pubic hair, etc

Examples of physical change in girls?

When? At puberty? Menstruation, breast growth, growth of pubic hair.

What is puberty in girls?

Your breast get bigger, you get your period, and pubic and underarm hair start to grow. From Ask the Expert.

You have pubic hair but my breasts havent started to develop Why by the way Im 11 I think i have pubic and and under arm hair what do i do Am i going through puberty?

yes you are, many times these things come before breast development. It takes time.. Your breast probably wont develop for a while..

When a female's breast and hips become more rounded and pubic hair appears she is showing signs of?

Breast development and body changes are all signs of puberty.

How do you clean pubic hair?

clean your pubic hair with soap

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