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Q: Can you have a safe fall from skydiving without parachute by shooting the water with enough force?
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Related questions

Are roller coasters safer then skydiving?

Roller coasters are much safer than skydiving. Roller coasters breakdown very rarely and deaths hardly ever happens. When you go skydiving so much can go wrong. You may hit a tree, not deploy your parachute fast enough, or have a crash landing.

What are some of the safety precautions taken by people who skydive?

Firstly, make sure nobody is skydiving at the same time to avoid collisions. Second, always deploy your parachute early enough, depending on your experience level. Third, be careful when executing maneuvers in midair after deploying the parachute.

How can you join skydiving?

First you'll want to find a dropzone near you. The United States Parachute Association website ( has a tab on their front page directing you to a page where you can put in your zip code or city and find dropzones near you. Then you can give that dropzone a call and find out about their rates and what they offer, or just drive on out and see for yourself. For your first jump you can make a tandem jump where you are strapped to an instructor who is wearing a parachute. This allows you to get the thrill or skydiving without having to worry about landing or anything else since your instructor will take care of everything. For those who want a bit more control or those who may want to continue skydiving and get their licenses most dropzones offer an Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) course. The course starts out with 5-6 hours of classes teaching you everything you need to know to make that first jump safely. For your first AFF jump you will wear your own parachute and two instructors will jump with you and remain by your side holding on to you and keeping you stable throughout the freefall. After you pull you will fly and land your parachute by yourself (with an instructor over radio walking you through it.) If you like skydiving you can keep going through AFF and once you have enough jumps and have demonstrated the necessary skills you can get your skydiving license.

Will a parachute protect an egg when dropped?

If the parachute is large enough.

Why do people jump off buildings without a parachute?

Because sometimes the ground is soft enough to absorb their impact and leave them un hurt.

Is skydiving safe after mastectomy?

Skydiving after any major surgery, such as a mastectomy, is safe once the body is healed completely. Consult your doctor to be sure your body is healed enough to handle the stress skydiving can place on the body. Be sure to inform your instructors at the drop zone where you plan to make your skydive.

What does the vent on the top of the parachute do?

The vent on top of the parachute helps air go through. If you didn't have a vent at the top you would be floating in the same place. The vent makes the parachute go down slowly but not fast enough to where you would drop.

A common error when hunting birds with shotgun is?

Leading the bird too much (shooting too far "in front" of the bird)Not leading the bird enough (shooting "at" the bird, without accounting for the necessary "lead", therefore hitting "behind" the bird).Shooting at a bird too far awayUsing the wrong ammunition (for instance, target loads for waterfowl)Not being aware or fast enough to "draw a bead" on the birdLack of patienceMany, many more....

Why a parachute is attached with dragster?

The dragster needs a parachute in order to slow down at the end of its run. Brakes alone are not enough. Its the same thing as with the Space Shuttle when landing.

Does Chuck Norris rule?

Chuck Norris once went skydiving, but promised never to do it again. One Grand Canyon is enough.

How can you die from skydiving?

Your parachute might not open and the ground is very hard. You could die from a heart attack, or suffocate if you are too high up and there is not enough oxygen to breath, or you could freeze to death if it's very cold. You could land in water and drown, or land in someplace you shouldn't, such as a highway, or in trees and be impaled on the branches. There are a lot of ways to die, and a person should not jump if they are not trained properly.

Where can one practice shotgun shooting?

One can practice shotgun shooting in more than one place. If you have enough land you can practice there. You can also go to a shooting range and try there.

What was the highest fall survived without a parachute?

Altitude is not really the deciding factor, once the body reaches terminal velocity. It wouldn't matter if it was from 500 or 50,000'. When you hear of a skydiver surviving after "his parachute didn't open", it was most likely a case of having a malfunctioning parachute out that served to create enough drag to slow his descent to a survivable rate. Typical news folks are not nearly as interested in presenting factual information as sensationalism. They don't care if the story is not technically correct, they figure that their audience is as ignorant as they are.

Can cat fly if dropped high enough?

Cats have a terminal velocity that is not fatal if they fall. In fact, if cats are dropped high enough they will spread themselves out like a parachute.

When a parachute is deployed does it have enough pounds of force to kill a human?

Usually -no. If it had it would kind of defeat the purpose of the chute.

How do deploy a parachute in battlefield 1943?

just hold the A button (Xbox 360) or X button (PS3) once you exited the plane until u hear a parachute sound. It won't let you deploy it when you are really close to the ground because there's not enough time so make sure you jump out high enough.

How many skydiver's are they?

There are about 32,000 member of the United States Parachute Association. That's a close enough answer. Not every skydiver is a member.

How do you kill King Kong?

Throwing a good enough frag or shooting it down with a tank is good enough to kill king kong.

Is skydiving safe?

Skydiving in any form carries an element of risk, but it is much lower than many people think. For a tandem jump, which is the most common way to start skydiving or just to do a one of jump, safety is very good. Injures are rare and fatalities are even rarer. The injury rate is about 1 in 700 and the fatality rate is about 1 in 300,000. This is the safest way to skydive. You can increase the safety of the jump by going to a reputable dropzone, paying attention to and following the instructions that the tandem instructor gives you, and being in good health and not overweight. If you can do all of these, your chances of injury or death are massively reduced further. Many people ask, 'What if the parachute doesn't open?' This is very rare, about 1 in 1000 openings are not good enough. The main parachute will be cut away and the reserve will be opened, usually automatically. On a tandem jump, the instructor will handle all of this. Another question people ask is, 'What if the reserve doesn't open?' While there is no guarantee that the reserve will open perfectly, it is required by law to be packed by a professional with lots of experience. Reserve parachutes are also built and deployed to be more reliable. All this makes the chance of a double malfunction very unlikely. Most injuries and deaths are the result of hard impacts with the ground under a working parachute, and are caused by the skydiver making a mistake.

The speed of a person parachuting when the surface area of the parachute is 100 square feet?

The decent rate will be significantly high on an open parachute because a 100 square foot parachute is considered to be very small. Therefore the wing loading is high and it is more likely to be a high performance parachute. High performance parachutes have a higher angle of attack and generally need to do a swoop (dive) landing to pick up enough wing speed for a safe landing. On touch down, the decent rate is the same as any other parachute for obvious reasons.

How do you drop an egg using a parachute - without cracking the egg?

How about use a plastic cup drill holes on both sides use a string put through the holes tie the ends to a plastic bag and, voila, a parachute for the egg.More Information:The parachute must be big enough and of appropriate material to slow the fall of the egg and the parachute. Also, a nice soft field might be a better landing zone than a paved parking lot. Some trial and error experimentation will probably be necessary to get the right chute area to weight ratio. Don't start with the egg.

Is a 4 10 good for trap shooting?

No, a 4-10 shotgun would not be a good idea for shooting trap. The problem is the small size of the shell - with a very small amount of lead, you have a small chance of hitting your target. Shooting a 20 gauge shotgun is much better but still not a good idea for the same reason. The standard shotgun for shooting trap is a 12 gauge. The largest gauge allowed by nearly all trap shooting leagues, a 12 gauge has enough lead and enough power behind it to get consistent hits and high scores.

How loud are guns?

at close range (person holdin gun) Between 120-160Db Depending on type which is loud enough to blow your eardrums Its Louder than fire crackers Very Loud- Shooting a 9mm without earplugs- my ears were ringing for a whole week always wear earplugs when shooting..............

What would happen if a skydiver when skydiving in space?

if he's close enough to the earth and in it's gravitational field he'll fall right back otherwise he'll keep floating in space for eternity.

Why do parachutes slow skydivers in the sky?

There are 2 types of parachute - the round parachute and the more modern wing parachute. The round parachute is a decelerator and works on drag only through the atmosphere. However, with the wing shaped 'square' parachute, they act with an additional force of lift. Another name for this type of parachute is the Ram Air Parachute. Whilst few of them ever generate enough lift to gain altitude, they do create masses of forward motion which gives them better range to land back on the dropzone. You also get better, safer landings which are easier on the knees! Most dropzones these days only use squares. I would recommend a tandem jump for your first one which uses this more modern type of parachute. A parachute is deployed using a smaller drogue pilot chute which drags the main parachute off the container. The container is a combined harness which holds the packed parachute on your back. As the parachute inflates, it will slow you down from 120mph to around 10mph average. The final stage is landing, where the skydiver pulls down on both steering toggles to further slow down the decent rate for a tip-toe soft landing.