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I believe they only go up to 38 unless if you are able to look online or get it custom made

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Q: Can you have a 39 inch fields hockey stick and if so where can i get one?
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Is a puck the stick in ice hockey?

In ice hockey, a puck is a hard rubber disc, one inch thick, three inches in diameter. A hockey stick is used, as a tool, to propel a puck.

Is warrior mojo hockey stick an ice hockey stick?

Yes it is a ice hockey stick a friend of mine uses and has one.

Where did they first bend hockey stick?

No one cares about hockey. smd

Where and whick one is the world's oldest hockey stick?

the worlds oldest hockey stick would be the Louis ville or northlands

Can you turn a left handed one piece hockey stick into a right handed stick?

All hockey sticks are right handed.

How do you make custom mini hockey sticks?

take a hockey stick and mini hockey stick. line up the mini stick on the regular one and cut the regular one and you get a mini hockey stick

What hockey stick is best for a striker?

A good one

Can you reuse a broken hockey stick?

No, a player will get penalized for continuing to play with a broken hockey stick. Sometimes, a hockey shaft and blade are two pieces and can be replaced. Otherwise, you usually have to get a new one.

What side is the wrong side of the stick in hockey?

the chubby one

What hockey stick do you recommend for a peewee A player?

A Yellow One

What is the most popular hockey stick?

Bauer- total one

What is one rule of ice hockey?

No slashing a player with your stick.