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Yes, you can in franchise mode and there is also a game mode called Super Bowl where you go straight to the super bowl. ;)

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Q: Can you go to the Super Bowl in madden 11?
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How do you get to the Super Bowl in ps2 madden 11?

you have to go through franchise mode

How do you play madden 11 pro bowl game?

u just go to franchise mode and go from there!!

Can you play road to the super bowl on madden NFL without benching?

yes you go to options and turn it to off.

How can you play the pro bowl on madden 11?

yes you can you have to start franchise mode and go from there you can play it or simulate the season

How do you get traded for nfl super star madden 11?

go to your agent and demand a trade. it has to be after pre season

Does the Super Bowl mvp always go to the Super Bowl?

The super bowl MVP MUST play in the super bowl for them to be the Super Bowl MVP

How do you put cheats in Madden 07?

well, if ur using PS2, u go to the "my madden" screen and select "madden cards", and look at the bottom of the selections and it will say "madden codes".if u r using the ps2 i will give u some free cheats. super bowl stadium XLI- RLA9R7 super bowl stadium XLII- WRLUF super bowl stadium XLIII- NIEV4A super bowl stadium XLIV- M5AB7L aloha stadium, Honolulu Hawaii- YI8P8U all AFC team- PRO9PH all NFC team- RLATH7 i have tested these cheats and these really work. hope this answers your question.

What are the release dates for High School Scholarship Quiz Bowl - 2011 Go Go Super Quiz Bowl 1-9?

High School Scholarship Quiz Bowl - 2011 Go Go Super Quiz Bowl 1-9 was released on: USA: 11 October 2011

How to get pro bowl in madden 10?

You have to go to franchise and then play the franchise games. Then you go to the Pro Bowl.

How many times did the broncos go to the Super Bowl with 13 wins?

The Broncos have qualified for the Super Bowl five times in their history. In none of those years did they have a regular season record of 13-3. Denver Super Bowl Appearances: (Year: Record; W/L Super Bowl) 1986: 11-5; Lost Super Bowl XXI 1987: 10-4-1; Lost Super Bowl XXII 1989: 11-5; Lost Super Bowl XXIV 1997: 12-4; Won Super Bowl XXXII 1998: 14-2; Won Super Bowl XXXIII

How do you get to franchise on Wii Madden 10?

on the screen where it says PLAY NOW and EXTRAS and stuff, go to EXTRAS, then go to MADDEN CODES and type in THEWORKS (no spaces what so ever) and every mode will be unlocked, Franchise, Superstar, Situation. You will also be able to use the Pro-Bowl(Aloha Stadium) and Super Bowl stadiums.

Did Carolina panther go to the Super Bowl?

yes. super bowl 38