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No, absolutely not .. no way!! Doing so exposes other swimmers to any infection that may be present in the wound. A contaminated pool may require a complete draining of all its water and a thorough scouring of the pool interior, a very very expensive project, and lots of upset people in the meantime. Don't even consider it. No!

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There are no activity restrictions when you have chlamydia, except for sexual activity.
Yes, you can swim during chlamydia treatment.

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Yes you can, however, it is not recommended. If you keep swimming, it may get worse.

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Q: Can you go swimming with a water infection?
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Can you go swimming with a sty in your eye?

Do not go swimming because the sty will sting and get worse from the chlorine in the water.

Is it safe to swim after having a cervix infection?

It is safer that you do not go swimming until your infection has gone for good, as you may catch something from the water if it is not clean.

Go swimming with poison oak sore?

If you are swimming in clean, chlorinated water this would be safe. If the water is not very clean, then there is a risk of exposing your sore to an infection. Personally, I would wait for the sore to heal.

Is it okey to swim with a chest infection?

No. The infection can aggreviate. You don't need to swim in that condition. If you do, you risk even more severe infection. Also, you need to consult your doctor for the thorough advice. Online advising, although good, can never replace the information given by your doctor so make sure that you go and ask your doctor about it.

Is it okay to go swimming after piercing your belly button?

Swimming after getting your piercing is not a good idea. The water has a lot of bacteria in it which could cause an infection. It is recommended that you wait the full heal time before swimming, which is 6-12 months.

Can you go swimming with a fungal infection?

You can go swimming with a fungal infection, However, because the pool attendants are not going to inspect you or your fungal infection before you enter the water it is up to you to get it sorted out before taking part in such activities, go and see your doctor for some treatment, it is very contagious, and it is not very sporting of you to subject the public in general to this condition.

Is it ok to go swimming with toenail fungus?

I would say no, not because it would hurt your infection, but because you would spread it to everybody else who is swimming in the pool. You should just work on curing your infection, then going swimming.

Do boxers get wet after swimming?

when you go swimming, your in water.... so yes

How long should you wait to go swimming in a river after you get your belly button pierced?

You should wait at least 3 weeks or you can also use waterproof bandage after 2 weeks to go for swimming

How long do you have to wait to go swimming in a pool after you get your navel pierced and Swimming for less than an hour every weekday?

2-3 months. It doesn;t matter how long it is. Water is extremely dirty and really increases the risk of infection.

Are there sharks in the water if you go swimming?

If you go swimming in the ocean, or river bays near the ocean, yes.

Can you go swimming when you opened a old scar?

unless u want 2 get a bad infection