Can you go swimming after lasik?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Even the tissue that has been cut during the LASIK is a very thin tissue, you can get infection.

To prevent this your eye surgeon should have already given you antibiotic drops, however, you should also be cautious.

At Blumeditravel's Lasik surgery booklet which they give to patients, they recommend to:

* not to wash the face (1st day)

* not to have a shower (1st day)

* No Bath, sauna for 3 weeks.

* No swimming for 3 weeks, later swimming with goggles...

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Q: Can you go swimming after lasik?
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What do you have to do to become a lasik eye surgeon?

LASIK surgeons go to med school, do a residency in ophthalmology, and most do a corneal and refractive surgery fellowship.

where can I get lasik ?

Many full care eye centers provider lasik surgery. You can find these centers listed in the yellow pages under "Lasik" or under "Eye Surgery" go to and search for a doctor in your area

Where can one inquire about Lasik eye surgery pricing?

Someone can go to get more information on wavefront LASIK on the internet from people's experiences with wavefront LASIK or going to centers that perform the LASIK treatment and getting information on the procedure there.

Where can I go in michigan to have lasik eye surgery?

It's hard to give an exact price for lasik surgery in Michigan because the price varies. The pricing varies based on the problem with the eyes also which doctor you go to. So make a few appointments and compare prices!

What are the advantages of IntraLase Lasik compared to Traditional Lasik?

The benefits of IntraLase Lasik is it's suppose to give better vision. Patients where tested in each eye and the preferred IntraLase Lasik over Traditional Lasik.

Where can you go swimming on miniplanet facebook?

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Which is the better surgery LASIK, Contoura or Z LASIK?


Is Lasik Eye Surgery Safe For Eyes?

Thanks Dr. Ashok for your valuable answer. Can you suggest me where can i go for Lasik eye surgery in Chandigarh

What are the most frequent Lasik complications?

Lasik, generally being more common in the early days, are pretty decent with today's technology. There is still a possibly that something go wrong, for example, one may have double vision or go completely blind.

Where is lasik available?

LASIK is available throughout the world and in most cities.

What are the alternatives to LASIK?

Nonsurgical alternatives to LASIK are contact lenses and eyeglasses

Is lasik eye surgery an inpatient or outpatient surgery?

Lasik eye surgery is considered an outpatient surgery because the patient is allowed to go home on the exact same day. You will still have to treat your eyes with drops and avoid to much light but you will get to go home.