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Yes, you can go to Canada for a holiday even if you have a criminal record. You will still need a passport, however.

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Q: Can you go on holiday to canada if you have a criminal record?
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How long does truancy stay on a criminal record?


Do lawsuits go on your criminal record?

Civil law suits are not criminal activity. They are a part of you public record, but not your criminal record.

Can you go to Paris France with a criminal record?

all i can say is that i did when i stopped over on my way to Lebanon from Canada-- no questions asked.

Can a Canadian with a criminal record go to Mexico for a 1 week holiday?

If you could get a passport from the Canadian government, you shouldn't have any trouble to enter Mexico.

Does a caution mean a criminal record?

no you will have to go to magistrates court at minimum to receive a criminal record

How long in the state of GA does a felony stay on your record?

Your adult criminal record is a permanent party of your criminal history. It does not "go away."

Does time in juvie go on youre permanate record?

Time in custody does not go on a criminal record. Your criminal record shows what you were convicted of and when, not what the punishment was. A conviction of a crime as a juvenile generally doesn't go on a lifetime criminal record. Instead, it is usually held in a sealed record. However, it is sometimes required that the juvenile petition that the record be sealed upon his/her 18th birthday. This depends on the state.

Can a Mexican on a tourist visa visit Canada?

Since 2009 all Mexican citizen are require to have a tourist visa to enter Canada. You should check with the Canada embassy in Mexico city for more information. Mexican citizens residing in the US can enter Canada by showing their Permanent Residence Card ( Green Card).

Does disorderly house go on your record?

If you are the one who was charged with it, yes, it will be on your criminal history record.

How long does it take for a DUI to go away?

Never. Once your busted, it remains as a criminal offence both on your driving record and criminal record.

How long does a misdemeanor charge stay on your record in new york state?

Your criminal record is your history of criminal activity. Your history is ALWAYS there and does not "go away" unless it is legally expunged.

How far back does criminal record check go in nc?

Criminal record checks in North Carolina typically go back 7 years for most background screenings. However, certain types of offenses, such as felonies, may remain on a person's criminal record indefinitely.