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Yes you can as long as you never change your shaft again.

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Q: Can you glue your golf shaft on with super glue?
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What glue do you use to repair the golf club?

If this is gluing the shaft into the head, epoxy is best.

How do you glue a graphite golf club shaft?

You need to clean the bottom of the shaft where the head will be connected to the shaft, and then you will need to use special shaft epoxy which is actually a strong two component glue which needs to be mixed thoroughly prior to use.

What is shaft in golf?

Shaft is the handle of the golf club.

How do you take your golf heads off?

Most golf club heads are attached with an epoxy resin glue. They are removed by heating the shaft with a torch to loosen the glue and pulling the head free. This can be performed by any proshop for a nominal fee.

Is ELMER'S glue super glue?

NO super glue is not elmers

The outer finish 3 inch section on my golf club shaft is peeling off. Its a graphite shaft Wilson Fireball Graphite Driver. What type of glue should I use to fix it.?


How can I replair my golf club when the head slipped off the shaft I put the head back on the shaft with no problems but the head shifts when I hit a golf ball. I was thinking of getting some glue.?

Use an abrasive on shaft and inside hosel, clean with acetone or alcohol, let dry, use 2 part epoxy on shaft and in hosel, join the 2 together, wipe off excess glue, allow to cure 24 hours before using.

What is the difference between glue and super glue?

Super glue is a name of just one type of glue.

Is it possible to use super glue on a nail?

It's possible, but their is little use. Even if you managed to get it onto the shaft of a nail as it sank into the wood, it would achieve little due to super glue's inability to make a bond to raw wood.

What can you use to glue two pieces of glass together?

glue!!! super super glue!!!

How can you repair a golf when the club head is separating from the shaft?

If the actual head is coming off the club you can either take it to your local pro or golf shop and get them to refix the head, this is a very inexpensive process. If however the ferrule is coming lose, you can simply glue it back with shaft epoxy, however, the ferrule is used for cosmetic purposes only, so if you are unable to glue it, you do not need to worry.

How do you get super glue out of glasses?

how do u get super glue out of glasses

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