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1for football i would say Peyton Manning

2for basket i would say LeBron James

3for soccer i would say landon donovan

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Q: Can you give me three physically fit person?
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Give the characteristic of a healthy person?

physically fit,and proper weight.. che:)

How can you tell if the person is not physically fit?

a person is not physically fit if he/she feels weak. cannot think clearly. feels uncomfortable

Which sports is the best choice for a person whos not physically fit?


Characteristics of a physically educated person?

A physically educated person will know how to keep their body in shape and how to avoid injury. They will tend to be active and physically fit.

What are some side affects if a person is not physically fit?

they get fat

Is hiking a good choice for a person who is not physically fit?


How do be physically fit person?

tanong mo kay soriano,

How can be a person called healthy?

a person is called healthy if he/she is mentally,emotionally and physically fit.

Do men or women who are physically fit and look physically fit give the right impression that they care about their bodies from the strong hard muscles they have to how strong they are?

No, not even a scintilla.

What makes a physical fit person?

A good diet, a healthy outlook and plenty of exercise.

How can you say that the person is physically fit?

a person is said to be fit when he or she does not have any sorts of health problems, does not have obesity can do any physical activity easily

How does being physically fit affect your resting heart rate?

Yes, it will take longer and more strenuous exercise for someone who is more fit to reach a maximum heart rate than it will for somebody who is not as physically fit. This is because in a physically fit person, the heart is more efficient: it pumps more blood with each heart beat. Usually, the heart of a physically fit person is also larger (which helps them pump more blood.) The blood of a physically fit person also contains more red blood cells, which carry oxygen to tissues in the body.