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Dog pack,


Coral Reef,

Trailer park,

Soccer Field,

Football Field!

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Q: Can you give me a family metaphor poem?
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Is their a metaphor in the poem hound?

"Life the hound" is a metaphor in this poem.

What is the metaphor in the poem Your Well by Laurie Ann Eisenhart?

What her family was compared to what they should have been.

See someone family metaphor poem?

my famile is a heart they make everyone feel loved

What are the metaphor in the poem brook?

metaphor is a comparing word

How metaphor is used in the poem Thickness of ice?

the poem is a metaphor, well that's what my English teacher told me

Explain the metaphor Bradstreet uses in the poem for her children Give at least two specific examples from the poem?

In the poem Anne Bradstreet wrote for her children she uses the metaphor of birds in a nest to describe her children and how she protected them and when they get big they are going to leave her nest.

What is a poem with 4 stanzas a personification and a metaphor in each?

a poem

Where is metaphor used in poem mirror by Sylvia Plath?

lake is a metaphor...............

What is the metaphor in the poem?

1 gallon

What is the metaphor in the road not taken?

The metaphor in this poem is an extended metaphor of conformity vs the individual. Throughout the poem the composer uses the two paths as a metaphor to take the path of conformity and to the path of the individual

What is the metaphor in the poem My Papa's Waltz?

The metaphor is the waltzing. The father waltzing with the boy is a metaphor for one of at least two things, depending on how you interpret the poem. Waltzing could be a metaphor for playful roughhousing. Or, it could be a metaphor for an abusive beating.

How do you write a poem where the metaphor is evident?

You must find a simple metaphor to use.

What is an example of metaphor in Miracles by Walt Whitman?

The poem itself is a metaphor. It doesn't have any specific ones in it. He is basically saying that the world is a miracle, which is a metaphor that covers the whole poem.

How long does a metaphor poem have to be?

three lines

What is the first poem in where the sidewalk ends?

its a metaphor

What is the metaphor in the poem dwell in possibility?


What is the extended metaphor in a poem?

1 gallon

Metaphor in a poem?

its when you write an unbeliveable story( example: it was raining cats and dogs) that is a metaphor.

What affect does an exaggerated metaphor have in a poem?

An exaggerated metaphor can be used in a poem to create an extremely strong image. Their is no mistaking what the author is writing about in such a case.

What is an extended metaphor?

A metaphor that continues to develop over the course of a poem. -Apex- :)

What is the metaphor in the poem mother to son?

I think that the extended metaphor is the actual title, "Mother to Son", and it is this because in the poem life is compared to a crystal staircase.

What is the extended metaphor in the poem your Father as a Guitar by Martin Espada?

The extended metaphor in the poem Your Father as a Guitar by Martin Espada would be the father as the guitar, as stated in the poem. An extended metaphor is a literary device that is used to compare two or more things for the entirety of a work - such as a poem, play, or novel.

What is the figurative language of the poem called The Hound?


What type of poem is dreams by Langston hughes?


What is an example of an extended metaphor poem?

mending wall