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My adviseWell a 2.5 is not that great but you should work on acing the sat and act. Recruiting may be difficult but not impossible ( they are looking for someone who wont be deemed ineligible to play due to bad grades ) Get into as many showcases and camps as possible so they can see you. Division 2 or 3 schools have lower GPA requirements than division 1 but visit their websites to see entry requirements, The higher your sat score the lower your GPA can be in many cases, You may need to get a student loan to start school where you want, then try out for the team as a walk on. Knock their socks off with your performance and attitude ( and grades ) and they will probably offer you money to continue. Another option is to start at the junior college level ( most have teams and feed players to the bigger schools ) Lastly is the privately funded schools there is no limit to the money they can spend to get a great team like in div 2 or 3 ( NCAA is not he only governing body).

I am a former coach and now have 9 of the 12 players from my team in college, 6 in the local community college on scholarship ( remember its the education that's important ) which feeds to 2 major colleges. 2 in the state university, and 1 in a div 1 college.

Get online and research ( its good for something other than My Space ) There are tons of colleges out there, send introduction letters to all possibilities no matter how remote, Have a 3 minute demo video disc made to send to interested schools ( my daughters cost $250 ) You will need to work hard at it, find all those schools little and big and let them know that you are out there, be positive and upbeat and write to the head coaches directly.

Finally some advise. Dont give up, a 2 or 4 year degree will put you 10 to 15 years ahead in resposibility and pay rate as compared to your peers who do not attend.

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Q: Can you get into a decent college if you have played sports all three seasons and you are in clubs and have a 2.5 GPA and which colleges should you apply for?
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