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Yes, contact the Canadian Automobile Associations for more information.

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Q: Can you get insurance in canada on international driver's license?
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Can a US citizen get a drivers license in Canada?

No, you cannot get a drivers license in Canada if you are a US citizen.

Can you rent a car in Canada with a German drivers license?

It would be advisable to obtain an International license while driving in Canada, but a valid driver's license from any country is valid at many car rental agencies in the country.

How long can you drive on a UK drivers license in Louisiana?

You cannot drive in the US on a UK drivers license, or ANY other foreign license (except Canada & Mexico). You must apply for an International Drivers License issued under the auspices of the AAA (American Automobile Association). I'm told that it is a relatively simple process.

Do you need an international driver's license in Canada?

not if you live in Canada

How long can you drive in Louisiana on a UK license?

You cannot drive in the US on a UK drivers license, or ANY other foreign license (except Canada & Mexico). You must apply for an International Drivers License issued under the auspices of the AAA (American Automobile Association). I'm told that it is a relatively simple process.

What is the age requirement for drivers license in Canada?

26 i belive

Is Canada a member of the Drivers License Compact?

Canada is a member of the Driver's License Compact. This compact stipulates that provinces share information on license suspensions with one another.

Where can medical insurance for Canada be purchased?

Medical insurance for Canada can be purchased on the website International Health Insurance, having over 50,000 clients over the world with its base in Canada.

Is it drivers license or drivers license?

"Licence" is the spelling common to Commonwealth countries (Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc.". "License" is the spelling used in the United States of America (and may be used in Canada, as well).

Do you need a drivers license to drive a scooter in Alberta Canada?

Heck no

If get a speeding ticket in Canada can it affect my New York drivers license?


Can you fly to Mexico with a Washington state enhanced drivers license?

No. An enhanced drivers license ("EDL") is equivalent to a U.S. Passport CARD, not a booklet. An EDL can be used for travel by land or sea between the United States and Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean. Because of international treaties on air travel, all passengers and crew on international flights must possess a passport booklet.

Is your Britain drivers license valid in Canada?

Yes. Most countries honour valid driving licenses from other countries. If in doubt you can apply for an International one from your own country.

Can an American get a Canadian drivers license?

Only if they're a permanent resident of Canada.

If someone with no drivers license nor insurance has an accident and is his fault what happens?

Well, it depends on where you live and what the laws are in that specific region. in canada, that perosn would probably go to jail.

What if your fifteen and you want to go to Canada how can you do that?

Get someone to take you, a friend with a drivers license maybe?

Can you go to the US and Canada with a birth certificate and a valid drivers license?

No passport required

How can you get your friend with no birth certificate into Canada?

Your friend cannot travel across international borders if she does not have adequate documentation. First of all, a birth certificate will not help you get across an international border. If she does not have a passport, US passport card, "enhanced" drivers license or "enhanced" non-driver ID, then she will not be permitted to enter Canada.

How can one get an insurance adjuster education?

It would depend on what country you are located as to how you can get an education as an Insurance Adjuster. In Canada you would have to complete four Insurance Institute of Canada courses in order to receive a probationary license.

Can you drink alchol in Canada if you have a USA drivers license?

Yes, you can. As long as you are of age in the province you are going to.

Can you get into Canada with a Florida Drivers License instead of a Passport?

No, you need a passport to enter another country.

Just got into first car accident please help. live in canada. pay public insurance but mother is registered owner. would the damage still be covered please help.?

Dont really know Canada laws but in US if you have valid drivers license and had permission to drive the car and on the insurance as a valid driver the answer is yes.

When can you get your license in Canada and how old do you have to be?

I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and the age i am sure it is, is 15.5 to get your beginners, and 16 to get your full drivers license. Good Luck

Where do you get a enhanced license to drive from Alaska thu Canada i am going to Texas?

You don't need one. Canada and the United States are both members of the Unilateral Driving Compact through the United Nations; your Alaska drivers license is usable in Canada.

If you buy a car in New York and have a friend drive it to Alaska what paper work do they need to cross in to Canada?

Registration, proof of insurance, drivers license, the car's title or a bill of sale or a purchase agreement (if financed), and a passport.