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placcico burred was fined $5,000 for throwing a football into the stands after a td reception.

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Q: Can you get fined from giving a NFL football away?
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How much do NFL players get fined for spiking the football?

500 dollars

Does a nfl player get fined for keeping a football in middle a game?

Ya...they get fined something like $100 for keeping a game ball

What is the highest NFL football fine in history?

The max fine in the NFL is $500,000. New England Patriots were fined $500,000 for spying on an opponent's defensive signals.

Can you crochet hats that look like NFL football team helmets and sell them legally or give them as gifts?

The NFL is particularly protective of its trademarks. Giving them away may or not be tolerated, but selling them certainly wouldn't.

What is an unauthorized interview?

An unauthorized interview is one that was given without permission by a person's company. For example, NFL players can get fined for giving unauthorized interviews. They need permission from the NFL.

Do NFL players get fined for giving balls away to the fans and if so how much?

If a NFL player hands a ball to a fan after scoring they do not get fined by the League. However If a player throws the ball into the stands, they will get fined by the NFL. Throwing the ball into the stands consitiutes a Fan Safety/Crowd Control Violation, as is may cause a fight to break out in the stands. In January of 2013 two NFL players, Frank Gore and Michael Crabtree, were each fined $ 10,500 for throwing the ball into the stands after scoring. NO if they score on a TD then there allow to give fans balls. If Its not a TD and you give it away then yes you are fine and could be a Delay of Game. Most players keep them and give it to fans after the game if they want along with their game attire.

Which football is bigger the NCAA football or the NFL football?

the nfl

When kicked by an NFL kicker which will go farther a Nerf football or NFL football?

an NFL football

Why do NFL players get fined?

Because they play the wrong sport

Is soccer or NFL the real football?

nfl is the real football

How much does a football player have to pay if he breaks another players bones in NFL?

It depends. If it was a clean hit no. If he hit to like the head or a defenseless reciever than he probably will b fined.

What was Brian Urlacher fined 100000 at Super Bowl Media Day 2007 for?

Urlacher wore a cap to the Super Bowl media day that promoted a sponsor that was not authorized by the NFL. For that, the NFL fined him $100,000.

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