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No, but I heard you can unlock Michael Jackson by scoring three three pointers in a row

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Q: Can you get Michael Jordan in NBA jam the game?
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Can you get Michael Jordan in NBA jam?

no he is retired

Is Jordan in NBA jam the video game?

No he is not in the game i dont know why though but he was just in the real arcade nba jam sorry O_o :(

How do you Get magic Johnson on NBA jam?

the people for nba jam regular and nba jam on fire edition, have to have an agreement with michael jordan himself because everything for him would have been a 10 automatically.

What is the title of Michael Jordan movie?

Space Jam is the title of the Michael Jordan movie.I think that was the only one he was in.

What superstar athlete appeared in Michael Jackson's video for Jam?

Michael Jordan

When was Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson in a commercial together?

They were never in a commercial together, Michael Jordan appeared in the music video for the song Jam.

When did Michael Jordan star in the movie Space Jam?


What is the song with the part Michael Jordan dunks it in the song?


Did Michael Jordan make a movie?

half of space jam

Which Cartoon Film has Michael Jordan Starred In?

Space Jam.

What movies did Michael Jordan play in?

Space Jam. Great movie.

Michael Jordan starred in which cartoon film?

kid movies