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Q: Can you fumble forward recover it and run it for a touchdown?
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Can an offensive tackle run the football?

actually a offensive tackle are not really supposed to run the football not unless they recover a fumble

Is a forward fumble by the offense a dead ball when it hits the ground or can it be recovered by the offense and run down the field?

Any fumble, whether forward or backwards, is a live ball. The offense can recover the fumble, with certain stipulations: If the play is a fourth down, OR if play is within the last two minutes of either half, only the player who fumbled the ball can legally recover for the offense. A forward pass that hits the ground before a player gains possession is a dead ball and the play stops. A backward pass that hits the ground before a player gains possession is a live ball or considered a fumble and the recovering team will gain possession of the ball.

How do you score a defensive touchdown in NFL street?

tackle the QB extra hard to make a fumble thin grab it and run 4 a td

If you run the ball into your own end zone and out the back of your end zone is it a touchdown for the opposing team?

No, such a scenario would result in a safety. However, if you fumble the ball in your own end zone, and the opposing team recovers it, that would yield a touchdown.

In 2004 purdue only needed to run out the clock to defeat this conference opponent one QB fumble and on return for a touchdown later which team won 20-17?


Is an intercepted pass that is run into the end zone considered a rushing touchdown?

No, it is an interception and a defensive touchdown.

Can the defense score a touchdown in the NFL?

Yes, they could. There are two ways an NFL defense can score touchdowns. One way is to intercept a pass and run it back into the endzone. The other way is by recovering an opposing teams fumble and running it into the endzone.

Can punt receiver cover fumble after signaling for fair catch?

Yes the punt receiver can recover a muffed kick (fumbled kick) after signalling for a fair catch. He just can not run with the ball once it is picked up.

Can the ball be advanced after a fumble on 4th down?

On any down, if the offense recovers their own fumble, they can advance it as far as they can until tackled, or run out of bounds.

Home run is to touchdown as baseball is to?

Baseball is to football

Can the team who has an extra point blocked and the defence recovers the ball then they fumble can the offence score a touchdown?

No, but in college the offense could still run the ball in for two points. In high school or NFL football, the try is dead the moment the defense recovers the ball.

What was the longest touchdown run?

106 yards. Frank Lonergan.

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