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not in MLB a team forfeits if at any time it is unable to field a team of 9 players

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Q: Can you finish a baseball game with only 8 players?
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Can a baseball game end early?

only if your short players or your in-ings are done anytime after 6 in-ings

How many players on a baseball team?

there only can be at least 25 players

How many players are their in a baseball team?

There can be a lot of players on a baseball team, around 25players, but when the team is in the outfield only 9 players are aloud on the field. There can be a lot of players on a baseball team, around 25players, but when the team is in the outfield only 9 players are aloud on the field.

Do baseball players get new cleats for every game?

Yes. Some professional baseball players in the MLB have new cleats for each game, especially in the post season. Most, however, will only go through one or two pairs for a whole season.

How many players is Toy Story 3 the game?

there are only 2 players

Which sport only has 9 players on the field?


How many players are there in the game of langadi?

total there are 12 players,but only 9 players play and 3 players are extra.

What percentage of college baseball players play pro baseball?

Only 1% of America plays college baseball. Of that 1% of College baseball players, only 1% make it to the Bigs. So, not many.

What is the given number of Baseball players in a Baseball game?

At any one time only 18 -20 players are actively playing(There can be a DH per team or not) . During play of the game, the most players that can be on a baseball field at any given time is 13 (9 players on defense, including the pitcher, one offensive player at each base, and one batter.)Now if your talking about professional baseball such as the MLB. There, is a rule about a 25 man roster where you can only have 25 players active on your team at any given time. This does not mean if a player gets hurt in the middle of the game or just prior to the game that you can replace them with another player not on the 25 player roster when the game has started. BUT, in September the 25 player roster extends to a 40 player roster. So, in theory at the least, you can have a monumental struggle of a game in September that uses all of both team's players and that would be 80 players used in one game.

How do i compare and contrast football players and baseball players?

Football players run more then baseball players.When football players score they get 6/7points.Baseball players get only 1/2/3/4points.

what is total numbers of players on both teams in a baseball game?

A minimum of 9 on each team for a total of 18 in the National League and 10 players on each team for a total of 20 in the American league. In the MLB each team can have 40 players on their roster. But they can only have 25 players at a game. So the two teams together will have 50 total players. During a game there can only be a maximum of 13 players on the field at any given moment. 9 defensive and 4 offensive.

Which is the only game to allow only right-handed players?

Field Hockey

When do you where you sunglasses in baseball?

sunglasses are used during day games. Baseball players used to wear flips and knock them down only when a fly ball was hit into the sun. Now players just wear the sunglasses throughout the day game.

Why is baseball the only sport that has dugouts?

To keep the players in the shade

How many players can play the game scrabble?

In scrabble only Two to Four players can play.

What game has eight players?

Kirby Air Ride has eight players, with the lan connection only.

How many roles are there in baseball game?

it depends, do you mean just players on the field, both teams batting and fielding, are you including coaches, and what about the umpires, are you asking about a little league game a highschool game college game or pro game, just try to be a little more specific. But in pro ball only including players, not umps or coaches or anything else, only active on the field players, you have 18 playing at one time

Can you play a nba game with only four players?


How many substitutes in baseball team?

The rule that decides substitutes in baseball is permanent substitution. That means, players who have left the game can't substitute back again. Other than that, there is no limit to substitutions. The only limit maybe the number of players on the roster.

How much players in a baseball game?

There can be 25 on each teams roster for a total of 50 for both teams. Of course only 9 players on the defensive team can be on the field at any time. There can be no more than 4 offensive players on the field. 1 batting and 3 on base. Therefore there can be 13 players on the field during a game.

How many times football players can subtitutes?

There can only be a maximum of 3 substitutions per game. Players cannot appear in the game twice.

Which sports have teams with nine players?

Im pretty sure baseball is the only sport with nine players

How many players are in the game of chess?

Well there are only 2 players, one for white and one for black.

How many players can play in a regulation basketball game?

During a regulation basketball game, only 5 players from each team can be on the court at a time. Each team carries 12 players on their roster for each game, so technically, a total of 24 players could potentially play in a basketball game, but only 10 at a time.

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For some reason it only saves when you finish a castle.