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Yes. You can also find them on YouTube. Just look up the games you missed and they will be there. I have looked up a lot and they are amazing.

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Q: Can you find highlights of past Dallas Cowboy games on their website?
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How many games have the dallas cowboy and raiders play?


What is the dallas cowboy cheerleader salary for away games?

The Cowboys Cheerleaders only perform at Dallas Cowboys home games. The only exception is when the Cowboys are a participant in the Super Bowl.

Where can one watch highlights of Brazil vs England soccer games?

One can find highlights on of the match on ESPN 3's website. Simply visit their website, select your cable service provider, and you can have the option of selecting soccer highlights.

How much did it cost to see a Cowboys game in 1960?

The 1960 Dallas Cowboy ticket prices:Season Tickets, 6 games: $ 27.60 ($4.60 per game)Single Game:Reserved seating: $ 4.60General Admission: $ 2.75Student Admission: $ 1.00Information from a 1960 Dallas Cowboy schedule card from "Cowboy Joe".

Who are the cowboy hat wearing personnel on the sidelines at Dallas Cowboy games?

Usually trainer, coaching staff, ball boys, team managers, celebrities, or the gm and the owners staff

Where can one find the highlights of the football game of Saints vs Colts?

You can find highlights of the Saints vs Colts football game online from the official NFL website. Alternatively, you can find these highlights on the YouTube website.

Where can one find hockey highlights?

Highlights of many hockey games can be found on youtube. They are uploaded by players or teams and sometimes by television companies. The National Hockey League (NHL) also shows some highlights on its website.

Was there ever a cowboy riding a horse on the dallas cowboy jerseys?

No, but it was the original car window sticker-Cowboy player with football tucked under his arm riding a pony. I think they also may have had the Cowboy on horseback on the back of the capes the wore on the bench in the 1960's during cold weather games.

Where can one find season information on the Dallas Cowboys Football team?

Season information on the Dallas Cowboys Football team is easiest to find on the official Dallas Cowboys website. In addition, one can buy tickets and watch their games directly from the website.

Were do dallas cowboy fans meet to watch their games in the Sacramento area?

We will be meeting at Round Table Pizza @ Greenback and Madison. So tell all your Cowboy Fanns to come and have some fun with Biggest Cowboy fann club in the Sacramento area. Check out our website at, and sign up at dallas cowboys Sacramento. This is a free membership and family friendly with beer for only $5 a picture. So let's have some fun and join the club!! Need to get a hold of us.. email us @

Dallas cowboy stadiums?

The Cowboys have played their home games at the Cotton Bowl (1960-71), Texas Stadium (1971-2008) and AT&T Stadium (2009-present).

Did dallas cowboy football team ever have a player by the last name Stokes?

Yes. There was a Sim Stokes that played in 3 games, as a kick returner, for the Cowboys in 1967.