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Q: Can you find for you basketball game USA vs Puerto Rico 1976 Olympic of Canada Montreal?
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Puerto Rico olympic basketball beat US?


When was Puerto Rico Olympic Committee created?

Puerto Rico Olympic Committee was created in 1948.

What are the ranks for olympic basketball?

FINAL 2004 OLYMPICS BASKETBALL RESULTS / Aug 29Gold: ArgentinaSilver: ItalyBronze: United States4th: Lithuania5th: Greece6th: Puerto Rico7th: Spain8th: China9th: Australia10th: New Zealand11th: Serbia & Montenegro12th: Angola

When was baseball introduced to Puerto Rico?

when was basketball introduced to puerto rico

Where are the Montreal Expos now?

The Expos played in Olympic Stadium from 1977-2004 and Jarry Park from 1969-1976. For the final two years of the team's existence (2003 and 2004), MLB had them play 22 'home' games per season at Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

What games are played in Puerto Rico?

basketball, soccer, and baseball are the most commen sports played in puerto rico

In what sport is Puerto Rico competing in the 2008 summer olympic?


How many Olympic medals has Puerto Rico won in baseball?


What are popular puerto rican sports?

Some of the most popular sports in Puerto Rico are basketball, baseball, volleyball, and boxing.

What Sports are Played in Puerto Rico?

The sports played in Puerto Rico are: Baseball, Basketball, Biking, Skating, Boating, Bowling, Cockfighting, Diving, Fishing, Golf, Hiking, Horse Racing, Running, Surfing, Scuba Diving and Snorkeling, Tennis, Wind Surfing, Volleyball, Soccor, and Boxing. There are probably more, but this are the common ones. Information from

How many times Puerto Rico has won in basketball against US?


What is the average salary for a basketball player in puerto rico?

nobody knows