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No, automotive tire fillers will not have enough pressure to refill a HPA tank.

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Q: Can you fill up a hpa tank at a gas station?
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Where can you fill up your hpa tank?

At any Paintball field, and some gas stores and Pro shops.

How do you use a paintball fill station?

I assume you mean an HPA fill station. You connect the fill hose to the fill nipple of your tank by pulling the collar on the fitting at the end of the hose away from the tank, while pushing the fitting towards the tank. There will be some sort of lever, button, or knob you will push to open the valve to fill your tank. Once the pressure gauge on your tank reaches the "FULL" mark (either 3000 or 4500psi, depending on your tank), you release the button/lever/knobzperiodz

Is HPA air tank rechargeable?

Yes! The purpose of an Air tank is so that you can refill it. Almost any Paintball Field or store can fill your tank.

Can you fill a hpa paintball tank with compressed 02 from a welding tank?

NO! Hpa is compressed air, which is mostly N2. Filling a tank with pure oxygen has a large chance of combustion, which under such great pressures will cause death or serious injury.

Do you have to freeze hpa tanks to fill?

No, freezing a HPA tank will damage it, which will either cause a burst disk to fail (from the rapid expansion put into normal temperature, causing excess pressure) or in a worse case, explode, which has more then the capacity to kill you. Fill your tank at room temperature.

How do you refill co2 tank?

If you are not trained on filling Co2 tanks (unlike HPA tanks) you should not attempt this, on risk of breaking the burst disks, or freezing your hand. An HPA tank however, you can simply hook up and fill.

Do you have to have a regulator for an hpa tank?

No you do not.

Can CO2 tanks be used as nos?

Firstly NOS is Nitrous-Oxide, which is never used for paintball. "nitrogen" is another term for High Pressure Air tanks, because air is primarily Nitrogen. you must buy a HPA tank to use HPA. Not only can you not physically fill the wrong tank with the wrong gas, but It would destroy your burst disk if you tried.

Can a CO2 cylinder be refilled with argon?

You probably could fill it, but not to pressures needed for paintball gun operation, CO2 tanks should not be filled with any gas or liquid besides CO2. edit: you could use Argon in a HPA tank but not a CO2 tank

Would a paintball field fill your hpa tank for free if they had the right machine?

if you paid for field fee then they should, if you are just looking to get it filled then no, the compressors required to fill your tank are VERY expensive and require regular maintenance

How much money do you save if you fill your own hpa tanks vs the fills at a field?

Though it would be nice to have, the process would not be very cost effective. You must have a license to fill tanks and if you do not the fine ranges in the thousands. You must acquire a fill station, tank, hose, and compressor. Overall the startup could run in the thousands.

Can you fill a paintball HPA tank with an air compressor?

Only if it can produce 3000 or 4500 PSI . Take it to a paintball store and normally they give you a fill for a dollar or so. If you are playing and you need to refill, go to the refill station, attach the fill hose to the air nipple while the tank is on the gun, press the lever or button until it is filled at the correct pressure.