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No. This is because the end head of the remote line does not have a valve. you would have to open the tank valve, fill it, close it, remove the remote, put it in your gun and then turn it back on. This would be more complicated then just removing the tank and filling it. If the remote line had an ending with a valve it would be easy, otherwise removing it would re-empty the tank.

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Q: Can you fill a paintball CO2 cylinder through a remote line?
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How do you fill paintball gun from diving cylinder?

You need an adapter (shown in link) then fill like a normal fill station.

How do you fill a 20 oz CO2 cylinder?

You take it to a paintball field or sporting goods store and have it filled.

Where to fill co2 bottles for paintball guns?

CO2 tanks are easy. now that paintball is getting really popular you are seeing more places that fill tanks. any paintball shop (of course) will fill it and even places like Dick's. Just try anywhere that sells paintball gear.

How do you fill a 14 0z paintball CO2 tank?


How do you refill a co2 tank for a paintball gun?

Go to a paintball store and pay for them to fill it.

Where can you go to have a paintball guns 3000 psi tank refilled?

your local paintball field. Or you can purchase a scuba tank and adapter to fill the paintball tank with and every once in a while fill the scuba tank up if you live like out in the middle of nowhere

Why can use not fill a cylinder with gas?

You can fill a cylinder with gas.

How do you fill brake fluid on 2004 Camry?

You should do that through the master brake cylinder.

Where can you fill up a co2 tank for a paintball gun?

At some sporting goods stores or any paintball field.

Does academy fill your paintball gun tank?


How does a paint ball gun operate?

You fill your gun with paint in the hopper. the CO2 or nitrogen tank pushes out "air" and forces a paintball through the barrel and at your opponent.

How do you refill a compressed air paintball tank?

To refill a paintball tank, you must first go to a paintball field or store with a paintball air compressor. You can't refill them with just any home depot compressor, it takes serious pressure to fill these tanks. Find the fill station with the same pressure as your tank (3000, 4500 or 5000 psi) and hook up the fill hose to the fill nipple on the side of the tank while it is attached to your gun. Then press the lever or button in until the gauge on your tank or on the filler is at the correct pressure and release. Then unhook the fill hose.

Can you fill a paintball tank at Dick's Sporting Goods?

at some you can

Does Wal-Mart fill up air for your paintball gun?

No they can not.

Can you fill your paintball c02 tank with air?

No, do not attempt to do so.

How is it possible for a cylinder of helium to fill 700 balloons?

It is possible or a cylinder of helium to fill 700 balloons because the helium in the cylinder is compressed.

How do you refill a paintball gun with Co2?

if you're asking how to refill the tank you take it to a local paintball shop or sporting goods store, they can fill them

Can you fill a paintball tank with any compressor?

No! You can only use one with the same output pressure as the tank. Only the Large Compressors at paintball fields can do this

Can you fill a paintball tank at your house?

If you have a bulk co2 canister or a scuba tank, then yes, with the proper adapters you can fill your tank at home.

Were can you refill a paintball CO2 tank?

At most Sporting goods, gun, and paintball fields. Some Gas (not just gasoline, but Ike propane) places you can fill your CO2.

What type of cylinder do you use for the Crosman 114 if you don't recommend using the original one because it can explode?

I just had a conversation about this situation this last Sunday at a gun show. I was told that you can go to a good paintball shop and get a tank and fill hose there to fit the pistol

How do you fill a nitrogen paintball bottle?

At a 3500-4000 air compressor. Talk to the field refferees and ask them to show you how to properly and safely fill the tank.

How high do you fill your paintball gun with pelletts?

You would have to be a moron to try it and you would damage your marker.

Can a paintball CO2 tank run on compressed air?

No, do not try to fill a CO2 canister with HPA.

Where to fill co2 bottles?

Sporting goods stores, Paintball fields and some Gas stores.