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Each hole at Golf has a standard number of strokes (number of times the ball is hit) to get it in the hole. This number is called Par, taken from the par value of stock. For example, if the standard number of strokes for a hole is four, it is called a Par four hole. If a player gets the ball in the hole in one less than (one under) Par, it is called a Birdie. Legend has it that a famous player's ball hit a bird in mid-air and he then completed the hole in one stroke under and the term Birdie was born. Making the hole in two strokes under Par is a larger bird so it's called an Eagle. Three strokes under Par an Albatross, because an Albatross is such a rare bird.

If you take one more stroke than Par it's call a Bogey, after the Bogey Man. Two strokes over is a Double-Bogey. Three is a Triple-Bogey.

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Q: Can you explain for a new follower of golf what a birdie and etc are?
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