Can you eat my toilet

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Maybe with a little bit of A1 Steak Sauce.

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Q: Can you eat my toilet
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What happens if you eat toilet paper?

It's like eating paper- it's not good for you, but you won't die. if you eat toilet paper it will do nothing to you but do not eat toilet paper.

What to eat on the toilet?

the chocolate that falls in it

What do proffesional players eat?

From the toilet.

Can you eat tablet then go to toilet?

yes you can!

Why do you eat toilet paper?

Go to a doctor.

What caused the toilet to change?

to eat chicken

Is it safe for cats to eat SEPTIC SAFE toilet paper?

My cats play with toilet paper. They scratch it, unroll it and roll in it. I can't get them to stop, but they don't eat it. You have a strange CAT. Septic Safe toilet paper is recycled paper with no chemicals. Should be safe to eat as long as it hasn't been used in the toilet or septic tank.

How do you get rid of watermelon?

You flush it down the toilet after you eat it

What do you do when your tetra does not want to eat or swim?

You flush it down the toilet.

How do you Survive when the world ends?

go to your toilet and eat poo

How can you eat a food that you don't like?

by Flushing it down the toilet

What does performing media mean?

It means you eat choclate out of your toilet