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Q: Can you drive pocket rocket on bike path?
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What is the name of the path taken by a rocket?

The path taken by a rocket is called its trajectory. It describes the flight path of the rocket from launch to its destination.

What is a bike path?

A bike path is another term for a bicycle path or cycle path - a path, segregated from other traffic, for the use of riders of bicycles.

Where is the world's largest bike path network?

The worlds largest bike path network is in Bogota Colombia

What is the best bike path in Ventura County?

Why This Is The Best Bike Path In Ventura County The Arroyo Simi Greenway and bike path is a beautiful, scenic route that is perfect for a leisurely ride or a vigorous workout.

How do you get down the bike path on route 210 Pokemon platinium?

You have to have obtained a bike from the bike man. And to do that you have to save him from team galactic. Once you have obtained the bike, select bike in your bag, then choose ride. You see, you have to be riding a bike to get down the path.

In Texas what requirements does a mini bike need to be street legal?

They are legal to ride in Tarrant county. They are not street legal nor can be modified to be so. Transportation Code § 551.304. APPLICATION OF SUBCHAPTER TO POCKET BIKE OR MINIMOTORBIKE. This subchapter may not be construed to authorize the operation of a pocket bike or minimotorbike on any: (1) highway, road, or street; (2) path set aside for the exclusive operation of bicycles; or (3) sidewalk.

Is it illegal for a runner to run in a bike lane?

No. More people run on the bike path by my house then ride their bike on it.

How does a nose cone on a bottle rocket affect its flight path?

While a nose cone can either reduce or add drag, it provides a minimal amount of stability to the rocket' flight path. The fins are the most critical component for stabilizing a rocket's flight path; that's where your focus should be.

Where is the Team Rocket outfit in HeartGold and SoulSilver?

Try to find the Underground path in Goldenrod city , Then travel throught that path , the you should find a Team Rocket guy , He will give you the Team Rocket outfit . *Hope it helped , Kruh .

Where is cycling path on Pokemon diamond?

The cycling path is below Eterna City. You need a bike to get in there.

Why does a bottle rocket fly?

The aerodynamic structure contributed by the speed, created by the engine allows the rocket to project in a direction, opposite to the gravitational pull. The wing-like structure at the bottom helps the rocket to remain in a parabolic path. Regardless of the weather, a rocket can fly in a steady path. This helps a rocket in flying out of the atmosphere of the earth and gravitational region.

What does a blue circular road sign with a bicycle in the middle mean?

It means bike path/bike lane.