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Absolutely. Although typically, due to the potential for injury, it is best to start young (older gymnasts have the tendency to jump the gun) as long as you learn a good foundation, you can have fun in the sport at nearly any age. At my gym, we have several girls about 16 to 17 that do it purely recreationally. Although, it should be said, the majority of 16 year olds like the tumbling or trampoline classes.

If you are leaning toward the competitive side of the sport, there are avenues as well. I can't speak to programs in other countries but USAG (United States) has developed a program to keep girls (it has not yet branched into men's gymnastics) in the sport longer. Called 'Xcel,' it typically does not have the same level of time or financial commitment as the standard JO program does. Xcel is great for girls who love the sport but don't want to dedicate 20 to 30 hours a week to a traditional, competitive program.

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well, if you have no previous experience, then you will probably not make it to the Olympics, but you can still become a great gymnast. dont feel bad though, most olympic gymnasts started when they were like 3 or 4. again, while 16 may be too late to go the olympics, its not to late to start in general!

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no, not at all

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Q: Can you do gymnastics when you are sixteen years old?
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