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yes you can its the same thing except the ollies won't be as high

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Q: Can you do a ollie from a manual on a skate board?
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Related questions

What is the worst skate board brand?

Dark star is definetly the worst because it is crap. And also World Industries it breakes and soon as you manual or ollie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who was the inventor of skate board?

allan ollie gelfand

Highest ollie on caster board?

5meters i have proven it at denmark skate park

What is the highest ollie on a skate board?

44.5 inches Landed by Danny Way

Longest Skate Board Manual?

the longest ever skateboard manual is 28.64 metres

How do you kickflip on a skate board?

first get a good board with good grip tape. next make sure you know how to ollie first. after that go for an ollie but flick the ball of your foot of the side of the board closest to you and jump. wait for the board to flip until the grip tape comes back around and push your feet on and land. Good luck!!!!

Which skate board is better to perform a ollie wood or medal?

Wood because u have more balance if metal ur juz gonna fall when da board gets in da air

How to get a first sponser with a amateur skate team?

You Need to know the basic tricks like ollie, manual and so on then you will have sponsers, remember: always send them your videos

How do you 5-0?

you need the ollie and manual to get this one done. Approach the obstacle at a slight angle and pop your ollie. try to land in a manual position aiming your the back truck for the edge. Balance as you would the manual as ar as possible. To get off you gently nudge the board off the edge.

Are there any skateboard tricks you can do without an Ollie?

yep a shuvit, This involves swinging your board round and landing on it or you can do a manual which is like a "wheelie" where you put the nose of your board up

Who is Tony Hawk?

Tony Hawk is a famous skate boarder with many talents. He did moves like the Ollie to Indy, 540, Ollie 540 and 900.

Are Walmart skate board good?

No the wood is not good it will snap and the grip is really soft the and you cant even do and Ollie so i recommend getting boards from infinity ends or zumiez

What Skate tricks should i be able to do in 1 year?

You should definetly be able to do an ollie,ollie shove it,ollie 180,kickflip,and maby a nolie

Is biking better than skating?

it depends i love to skate but biking you can do alot more u can go off road u can ollie on a skate board u can bunny hop on a bike u can do almost anything u can do on a skate board but u can do more on a bike u can go on grass dirt road everywhere with a bike and only on pavement with skateboards. i hope i answerd your Q!

Can you list some ripstik tricks?

There's the manual, where you put your back foot on the lip of the tail, and then push. You have to balance so that the nose is up, but the back is not scraping the ground. There is also nose manual, the same thing as a manual except you put your front foot on the nose of the board. Also the ollie is where you put the weight on the rear, kick up, and roll your front foot off of the nose. I also like the running mount, where you run, and hop on the board, and roll away. Grinding is sort of a trick. It involves you doing a manual first then turn left or right to grind the middle of the board on a skate rail. To do that you would need to purchase a Ripstik G or take off the plastic part of the middle.

Who created wizard101?

Tony Hawk is a famous skate boarder with many talents. He did moveslike the Ollie to Indy, 540, Ollie 540 and 900.

Do all skate board wheels fit on all skate board trucks?


When was Skate Board Park created?

Skate Board Park was created in 1971.

When you try a kickflip on a skate board you mostly land into a credit card any tips so that doesnt happen?

wait a little bit to flick your front foot. wait until your almost at the peak of your ollie

How do you ollie on skate for Xbox 360?

Move the right stick down, then move it up quickly. You can also hold the stick in the down position if you want a bigger ollie.

How do you break in a skate board?

The only way to break in a skateboard to your fitting is to skate. The longer you skate the more the board with form to your style.

How do you jump on a skate board?

A jump on a skateboard is known to skaters as an Ollie. In order to do one, you stand with your back foot on the kicktail of the board, and your front foot in the middle of you board. apply pressure to your back foot, and slam it down causing the tail of the board to hit the ground. this will pop the board into the air, raise your front foot and slide it toward the nose of the board. the griptape will allow the board to stay on your feet :)

What is the difference between a skate board and a long board?

A long board is slim with four wheels and a skate board is bigger and shorter than a long board.

How can you get your left leg up onto the board when trying the ollie?

i skate goofy. so i bend it in a forword motion after i pop. then stratin it befor i land. but that is for high ollies. for low ones it rlly shouldnt come off.

What does ollying mean?

An ollie is a basic jump, the basis for most flips or pops. Its where the skater pops down on the tail with there back foot. As the front of the board pops up, the skate moves their foot up the deck, and rises their back foot. So that the board levels out in the air. The legs then push the board back to the ground. Youtube it.