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Q: Can you do a knock down texture over wallpaper?
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What are the advantages of wallpaper over painted walls?

Wallpaper's main advantage is that it allows a decorator can quickly apply a complex texture on a wall. Applying complex textures with paint requires considerable time and expertise.

Can you wallpaper over old wallpaper?

I wouldn't .

Why do raccoons knock down trash cans?

They knock them over to be able to access any food that might be inside.

What fraction of the pins did valerie knock down?

Something over ten.

Can you drywall over wallpaper?

Usually, there is drywall under the wallpaper. It is not difficult to remove the wallpaper (by steaming, or another method) to get to the basic drywall. Then, you can texture it and then paint it.

Can you wallpaper over backing paper?

Yes you can place a vinyl wallpaper over and over, but it will not be long lasting.

Can wind knock a palm tree over?

If the wind is a hurricane strength wind it can knock down a palm tree. Regular strength wind, keeping in mind the palm tree is healthy can't knock down a palm tree.

Wallpaper for Windows?

form_title= Wallpaper for Windows form_header= Find wallpaper that fits over windows. What do you want the wallpaper to look like?*= _[50] Will you install the wallpaper yourself?*= () Yes () No What is your budget for wallpaper?*= _[50]

Can you put paneling over wallpaper?

can you just wallpaper over paneling and not do any thing else if it has small groves

Paint over wallpaper?


Can you wallpaper over semigloss?

Yes you can

Can you paint over wallpaper successfully?

Are you planning to paint over the wallpaper? Make sure there are no loose ends or bubbles in the paper. Latex flat or satin paint will work but you will see the seams in the wallpaper and the paint may cause the paper to lift off the wall. Better to remove the paper first for the best look and most durability. I had to paint over paper and decided to texture the wall first with a skim coat of plaster. Doesn't look bad but a LOT of work!