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as long as they are a deent sie and bouncyness of course!! soccer balls work if they are fully blowen-up.

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Q: Can you different types of balls to play basketball?
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How is sports related to types of government?

Sports is related to types of government in the fact that for different types of government there are different sports played. Here in Amercia we play every sport their is to play. In different types of government like Africa they don't have courts to play basketball, therefore, they play other sports such as soccer. Dr. Nathan M. Hasenfratz M.D. Harvard University Graduating Class of 2000

Is manu ginobli better than Tony Parker at basketball?

It's pretty even. Both are fringe all star types of players who play different types of games.

What teams play on the setanta network?

There are numerous teams that play on the setanta network, including all types of different sports. This would include football, basketball, baseball, and even tennis.

Player 1 ball goes into the pocket then player 2 ball gose in is it still player 1 turn?

This is pool not basketball... And there are different ways to play when this happens, either make it a turnover but both balls stay in, or take both balls out and its a turnover.

Which has more mass a bowling ball or basketball?

A bowling ball. An official NBA basketball weighs 22 ounces, which is less than two pounds. The bowling balls little kids play with weigh 6 to 8 pounds, and adults play with balls weighing from 12 to 16 pounds.

Which countries play soccer?

All but poorer nations play with different balls

Why you need to play basketball?

Um. U don't NEED to play basketball. U can play it when ever u want to. But that's different when ur a basketball player. U have to play even if u don't feel like it. But that's only if ur in a basketball team.

How many professional basketball teams play in California?

California has a lot of different basketball teams.

What are things that come in groups of 16?

Basketball teams during tournament weeks, also 16 candles on a sweet sixteen birthday cake + you play with 16 balls when you play pool. (15 colored balls and one white.)

What are the different types of play spaces?

what are the diferent types of play spaces

How many different breeds of dogs like balls?

all breeds cause they like to play with their owners balls

What types of sports do people from Venezuela play?

they play football, basketball and rugy

How is soccer and basketball different?

its somewhat the same. Except in basketball we play on a court(wood, cement) and in soccer we play on field(mostly grass) and the major difference is in basketball we dribble(with hand) and in soccer we play with the foot. And of course the fouls are different.Hope that helped.

Why were the rules of basketball changed so that each calendar month has a different emphasis on play?

Each month does not have a different emphasis on play in the NBA.

Why did basketball come about?

Dr. James Naismith needed a sport for people play in the winter so he started throwing balls into peach baskts.

What is aau girls basketball?

AAU basketball is for kids who play at a higher level. A AAU team is from an area of an state that travels anywhere from different towns to different states.

What types of sports do kids play in Alabama?

Type your answer here... football, baseball, basketball,softball

What are facts about the history of basketball?

There used to be no 3-point line. They used to play naked(yes, they got kicked in the balls sometimes) and much more.

Is the olympic basketball size different than the nba size?

No. Basketball sizes depend on the age and gender of the league. women will play with a size 6 and men will play with a size 7.

Why we cann't play soccer by using a basketball?

Soccer balls are lighter. The texture and hardness of a basketball would slow down the game--your kicks would not be as successful. As far as heading the ball, that would be painful.

What is the SeeMore Golf company all about?

The See More company is a golf company that sells many different types of products that all have to do with or can be used to play golf. They sell clubs and balls among other things.

What types of items does the Bridge and Golf Gifts website sell?

The online webstore of Bridgestone Golf sells all a variety of supplies you need to play the sport of golf. It sells different balls and clubs to use.

Where Did Netball Get Its Name?

Netball was originally made from the game basketball and was named "netball" so that ladies could play a different style of basketball.

Why are tennis balls used to play tennis?

tennisballs are used to play tennis because if u use gollfball the ball would not go back and forth and if u use a basketball it would be to big.

How do you play the plays in basketball?

It depends. Different teams make up different plays. If you observe basketball, you will see a teammate or two hold up a number. Suppose it's 2. That could mean that they do the 2nd play that they created. Hope this helps you in sports.