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Not only can you die from a broken neck; it is difficult to survive one. It is possible, but difficult.

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Q: Can you die of a broken neck?
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Is The Undertaker's neck broken?

No, The Undertaker's neck is not broken.

Do you die if you break your neck?

not always. if the spinal cord is severed or severely damaged you will die. if youre lucky you will only suffer paralysis or just a broken neck which is like any other fracture

If you have a broken neck how many seconds until you die?

If you have a severed spinal cord then its right away. but its not like you break your neck and you are dead. i broke my neck and i am still alive a year later, with full functions.

How can you tell if a chicken has a broken neck?

If your chicken has a broken neck it is dead or well on the way to being dead. There is no fixing a chicken with a broken neck. If your chicken is still alive and walking around then it has either injured its neck (not broken) or it has Marecks disease which will cause it to hold its head off on an angle or bent in an odd position.

Can You Survive A Broken Neck?

Yes you can, it just depends where the break is. I currently have a broken neck "c7" and I will make a full recovery

What happend to the undertaker on WWE?

he broke his neck June 2010 do not make up lies, his neck is not broken, he has a broken nose and broken cheek bones!

What year did Dale Earnhardt Sr. die and how?

He was killed in a crash at Daytona, in 2001 of a broken neck when his retaining strap broke.

What is the medical term for a broken neck?

The medical term for a broken neck is cervical fracture. This is a break or fracture of any of the seven cervical vertebrae in the neck. Cervical fractures can and do cause paralysis.

How did Tom Daley break his neck?

Tom hasn't broken his neck. You are mistaken.

How long does it take for a broken neck to completely heal?

The amount of time it will take for a broken neck to completely heal will vary with each person. The broken neck could take a few months to heal, a few years, or in some cases, never.

Is it possible to fix a broken neck on a set neck guitar?

it depends where on the neck it has brocken. if its whorped you cant fix it

How long does a broken neck take to heal?

A broken neck or cervical fracture can take several weeks to several months to heal. Physical therapy would be needed to build strength back into the neck.

Is a fractured neck considered to be under dismemberment?

Broken bones are not a dismemberment. To have a broken neck considered a dismemberment, the head would have been separated from the rest of the body.

When did Thomas Rafferty die?

Thomas Rafferty died on February 13, 1928, in Hollywood, California, USA of broken neck as result of a fall.

When did Elwin Neame die?

Elwin Neame died on August 14, 1923, in London, England, UK of broken neck from a motorcycle accident..

Will world wrestling entertainment superstar edge return to world wrestling entertainment?

The guy's neck is broken. I don't think he's going to return with a broken neck.

In the book hatchet what are Brian injuries?

broken neck

Can you fly with a broken neck and how soon after can you fly?


What was the worst injury in the Boscastle Flood?

a broken neck

What causes paralysis from neck down?

Paralysis from the neck down is usually cased by a broken spinal cord.

What can you do to help a chicken's broken neck?

There is nothing that can be done to help treat a chicken with a broken neck, other than to humanely put the animal down to prevent a slow and painful death.

What bone is often broken in case of strangulation?

The hyoid bone in your neck is usually broken if a person is strangled.

When did john cena break his neck?

2008 by Big show Get your facts straight he has never had a broken neck he had a slipped disc If he had a broken neck he would not have returned I'm two months time it would have been are least three years if at all

How does a person die when he hangs?

This differs from hanging to hanging. Sometimes the neck is broken upon impact. If the person is fat, the head can actually be severed from the head. If the impact is light enough, the person will die by suffocation.

What injury john Cena have?

he had a few broken neck dices