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Depends on how hard some one got hit in the neck. It may be bruised, scared, etc. but no serious damage

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Q: Can you die from getting hit in the neck with a baseball?
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Can you die from getting hit in the neck?

Yes The neck has several different easily damaged structures. A simple punch can collapse the wind pipe and strangle a person.

Can you die by getting hit in your pulse?

You cannot die from getting hit at any pulse point (location).

What major league baseball player was hit in the neck with a bat?

Los Angeles Dodger's catcher Steve Yeager was hit in the neck while on the on-deck circle when the batter's bat broke and the barrel end struck Yearger in the neck.

What are some puns about baseball?

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Can you die from getting hit next to the eye?


In baseball what is defined as a steal?

Taking a base with getting a hit. Example moving from 1st to 2nd without getting a hit

Is getting hit by a baseball more pain full than getting hit by a football player?

depends on how hard he throws

How do you die from bullets?

By getting hit in the heart or major veins you will die you will bleed out .If you get hit anywhere else you may live

What are some ways children die?

getting hit by a bus

How did the first baseball player die playing baseball?

He was hit by a pitch in the head i believe

Can you get out when you hit a cycle in baseball?

Yes - getting tagged out trying to stretch a hit to gain an additional base.

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No, he died by getting hit by a tram.