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yes you can but the strings will turn the same color as the dye

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Q: Can you die a lacrosse goalie head with the stringing on it?
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What happens if you make contact in lacrosse?

your head explodes and you die

Can you die the mesh on your lacrosse head?

yes you can just take the shooting strings out and die it

Can you die a Lacrosse head twice?

no it will eventually chip and weaken the head try buying1 but that will eventually chip too

Do people die in lacrosse?

It is rare, but yes deaths do sometimes occur. Like in most sports, physical activity puts a lot of stress on the heart, and at times athletes can die of heart failure or dehydration. Lacrosse presents a unique danger, most specifically for goalies. If a goalie gets hit in the chest hard enough with a ball, it can stop his heart. This has happened in a few high school settings, and a set of parents of a goalie that passed away started a national outcry for A.E.D. machines to be on the sidelines of every lacrosse game

What supplies do you need to dye a lacrosse head?

rit die hot water container that fits lax head and water in it hot glue gun (optional) and time

When did Frank Dixon - lacrosse - die?

Frank Dixon - lacrosse - died in 1932.

When did William Burns - lacrosse - die?

William Burns - lacrosse - died in 1953.

When did Gerald Mason - lacrosse - die?

Gerald Mason - lacrosse - died in 1951.

When did George Campbell - lacrosse - die?

George Campbell - lacrosse - died in 1972.

When did Alexander Turnbull - lacrosse - die?

Alexander Turnbull - lacrosse - died in 1956.

When did Charles Scott - lacrosse - die?

Charles Scott - lacrosse - died in 1954.

What kinda die do you use to die a lacrosse head?

You use RIT dye, that can be purchased at any local drugstore, supermarket, hardware store or arts and crafts store.

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