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Most exciting thing I have ever done!

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Q: Can you describe your bungee jump experience?
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Where would you experience accelaration?

You would experience accelartion in a roller coaster, a car, and when you bungee jump.

What is the price to bungee jump?

depends on where ur bungee jumping

How do you bungee jump off of a chair?

You put the chair on the top of a building or a bridge so you can bungee jump off the chair.

Where would it be possible to book a bungi jump online?

You can book a bungee jump online at the GetYourGuide Website and at HuluTrip. You can also book bungee jumps on the Levenger website and at Bungee America.

What can you bungee jump off of?

Generally most bungee jumps are off a bridge, building or a hoist. But you also bungee jump out of moving objects like helicopters and hot air balloons

How do you spell bungi jump?

Bungee jump is the correct spelling of this.

Where can you bungee jump in Ohio?

There are no professional bungee jumping companies in Ohio, but there is one in Tyrone, Kentucky, called Vertigo Bungee.

Where can you bungee jump in Oregon?

Do you wet yourself when you bungee jump?


Where can you bungee jump?

You can bungee jump from places allover the world. There are some in California but it is best to search around to find something close to were you live.

How do you bungee jump?

If you want to bungee jump safely, then I would suggest doing it at a permanent station rather than a traveling place such as at a fair or something. You will then get in line at the bungee jumping event. Then they will strap some proper safety straps on you and you will jump from a platform.

Where can you bungee jump in Rhode Island?

In Faliraki

Where can you bungee jump in Missouri?

off the arch

Is it safe to bungee jump after brain surgery?

Its fine!! As long as you dont have sex before bungee jumping!

What will be more risky - smoking a pack of cigarettes a day or do one bungee jump a day?

bungee jumping

Where can you bungee jump in Vermont?

White river junction

What did AJ Hackett invent?

He Invented The Bungee Jump.

How many people bungee jump a year?


Can kids bungee jump at 8 years old?


What is the percentage of Americans that bungee jump?


How does a bungee chord help people?

Well, it depends on what you mean. If you mean when they bungee jump, then it helps them not fall and it stretches to a distance there it will pull the bungee jumper up or to a certain height.

How would you find out the thickness of a bungee jump rope?

measure it

Is it ok to bungee jump after brain surgery?

im guessin not??

What stops you from hitting the ground on a bungee jump?

terminal velocity

How does a bungee jump work long answer?

Gravity and elastic force...

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