Can you describe London Olympic Games?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Wrestling ~ Weightlifting ~ Water Polo ~ Volleyball ~ Triathlon ~ Trampoline ~ Tennis ~ Taekwondo ~ Table Tennis ~ Synchronised Swimming ~ Swimming ~ Shooting ~ Sailing ~ Rowing ~ Modern Pentathlon ~ Judo ~ Hockey ~ Handball ~ Gymnastics Rhythmic ~ Gymnastics Artistic ~ Football ~ Fencing ~ Equestrian ~ Diving ~ Cycling Track ~ Cycling Road ~ Cycling Mountain Bike ~ Cycling BMX ~ Canoe Sprint ~ Canoe Slalom ~ Boxing ~ Beach Volleyball ~ Basketball ~ Badminton ~ Athletics ~ Archery

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Q: Can you describe London Olympic Games?
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Who are participating in the London Olympic in London?

What Country s are participating in the London Olympic games 2012

Did Ashleigh Brennan compete in the London 2008 Olympic games?

No one competed in the 2008 London Olympic games.

The names of the cities that have held the olympic games and the years in which they held them?

2012 Olympic games was in London i love London

What does held mean?

Held means where it was, for example London HELD the Olympic Games. Which means the Olympic Games were in London! :)

Where is the next Olympic games after Beijing?

After the olympic games in Beijing the next olympic games are in London, England in 2012

Why are the Olympic games being passed onto London again?

The Olympic games are being passed onto London during the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic games as London are next to host the Olympics in 2012.

When did the London olympic games start?

The london games started in the year 1892

Is sonic excited for the London olympic games?

probably yes, because he looked happy in the 2008 Olympic games and the winter games and now he looks happy in the London Olympic games. so my answer is yes

Where are the olympic games held in?


Where is The 18th olympic games?


What will the legacy of the Olympic games be to London?


How many disciplines in the olympic games 2012 London?

At the Olympic games, there are 39 disciplines.