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I would think so because madden10 you can create a player

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Q: Can you create a player in NCAA football 10?
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Can you create a player on ncaa football 10?

yeah bro

Can you create a player on NCAA basketball 10?


Can you export you road to glory player from ncaa football 10 to madden 10?


Can you do a flip in NCAA football 10 or highstep?

How to do a flip on NCAA 10

How do you create a team on NCAA 10?

Can you create a team in ncaa basketball 10?

No, you cannot.

Is Tim Tebow in NCAA football 10?

yes tebow is in NCAA 10 and will be in madden 11 for the broncos as second string

When is NCAA football 13 coming out?

july 10 2012

How do you taunt in NCAA football 10?

just hold O.

Can you be a kicker in road to glory mode on ncaa football 10?


Does Purdue have Robert Marve in ncaa football 10?

yes they do

Any cheats for ncaa 10 football?

No their are not any cheats for my favorite game NCAA 10.I love all of my football fans and this is Dwight Freeney and I'm keeping you posted.

How do you create a team on ncaa 10 on xbox 360?

You can create a team by using the teambuilder.

Where can you find the rules of NCAA football?

Is Percy harvin on NCAA football 08?

Yes dumbmy, if he is in madden 10 then he's in NCAA football 08 ok p.s. your a dumb duck

What is the best ncaa football team the last 10 years?


Will ncaa football 10 be released in the UK?

yes it will be released in china

Best unranked football teams to use in ncaa 10?


Can road to glory players in ncaa football 10 be exported to superstar mode in Madden 09?

no derrr think ncaa 10 and madden 2009!

How high is the crossbar in football?

10 feet, NFL/NCAA/High School

Most ncaa football 10 consecutive win streaks?

Penn State

What is the toughest NCAA football conference?

The SEC. then the Big 12, Pac 10, Big 10, and ACC

Does the football have to travel 10 yards in the ncaa football?

Yup In ncaa, nfl, high school or pretty much any other type of football the offense must advance the ball 10 yards in 4 downs to earn a new set of downs.

Will NCAA Football 13 be released for the PS3?

Yes it will be released on July 10, 2012.

What football team has the most 10 win seasons in the NCAA?

University of Alabama with 29.