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Yes. Andre Rison had to pay over $60K of his pension to back child support.

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Q: Can you collect child support from an NFL pension?
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How much child support do you get from a NFL practice squad player?

Child support is a almost always a percentage of net income - in Illinois, 20% for first child, 25% for second child, etc.

How long do you have to play in the NFL before you draw a pension?

There is no pension. NFL players are contractors, not W2 employees.

How much does Emmett smith receive from nfl for his pension?

Do not know.

How does a player qualify for an NFL pension?

In order to receive an NFL pension players must have played in the league for at least 3 years. The exact monthly amount received will be based on the number of seasons played.

How much is OJ Simpson's pension?

According to the International Herald Tribune, Simpson's NFL pension is estimated to be $400,000 per year.

What are the collect a books NFL pro set worth?


What is the average pension for nfl players?

NFL players do not qualify to receive pension until they reach 55 years of age. At the age of 55, they will start to receive $470 a month for each season that they played. For instance, if they played for three seasons, they will be paid out $1,410 per month.

How does NFL player qualify for NFL pension?

Baseball has a sliding scale pension plan that pays players based on service time. I believe if you were on an active roster for at least 43 days in your career you qualify. The minimum pension is $1,000/mo ($24k/year) and the plan goes up to $180,000 for players with 10+ years of service. The plan starts paying at age 62.

What is the pension of an NFL coach?

They can earn up to 75% of their top 5 consecutive years average salary per year for life

Can Boise Idaho support a NFL team?


What did the NFL collect for the Houston Texans franchise?

Bob McNair offered the NFL owners $700 million for an expansion franchise. The owners voted unanimously to accept.

Can a judgment garnish pension benefits?

It's my general understanding that in the US no debts except public taxes can be collected against the proceeds of a pension account. The Brown and Goldman families have been trying for ages to get at [[O. J. Simpson]]'s NFL pension. TINLA. - [[User:|]] 05:57, 13 Aug 2007 (UTC)