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Yes, this is perfectly legal. You mark your ball, usually with a coin or marker. You can pick the ball up, clean it and replace it in it's original spot. The putter green is the only place where you can do so.

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Q: Can you clean the ball when its on the green?
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Can you clean your ball by rubbing it on the green?

You could be accused of testing the surface of the green so I would clean the ball off it. Besides you could leave muck on the green.

Where can you move your golf ball with your hands?

Once you are on the putting surface i.e the green, you are permitted to mark your ball, clean it and replace it.

Why do golfers mark their ball putting green?

They mark their ball out of courtesy for other players as if one player on the green hits the ball of another they receive a two shot penalty. It is also so the player can clean his ball and line it up.

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Should you mark your ball on green?

Yes you should. Not only out of courtesy for your fellow players, but you are able to clean your ball and line it up to help you putt.

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If your golf ball has mud on it while its in the faireway what do you do?

Play the ball as it lies, you are only allowed to mark and clean your ball when you are on the putting surface (green). You would receive a two shot penalty if you cleaned your ball.

Are you allowed to clean your ball on the grass like the green in normal play or the fairway when playing winter rules?

In normal play, you may mark your ball, clean it and then replace the ball in it's original spot- but only when you are on the putting green. In the winter, some winter rules come into effect, these are things like lift clean and place or lift clean and drop. These winter rules vary from club to club, so you should check the rules in place before you start your round.

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