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No,sadly you can not. I'd ask your coach after the game to ask if you can. But probably not, because you would have to get another jersey.

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Q: Can you change your jersey number in middle of game?
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What does the numbers on front of team names on baseball scoreboard mean?

If the game is currently in progress, that number is the jersey number of the pitcher who is currently pitching for the team. If the game is over, that number is the jersey number of the pitcher who was credited with the win or loss for the team.

What does the P represent on the fenway scoreboard?

The jersey number of the Pitcher.If the game is still in progress, that number is of the pitcher currently in the game. If the game is over, that number is of the pitcher that was the winner/loser of the game.

Who wears jersey 57 in basketball?

Jersey number 57 has never been worn in NBA game play.

Who wore number 2 basketball jersey in all-star game?


What is a Practice jersey?

a jersey used to practice.but when you have a game you were your game jersey.

How many jersey number has Michael Jordan had in his nba career?

We all know #23 and #45, however he had a game in Florida where his jersey was stolen and chose to where #12 for one game.

Is Michael Jordan's jersey number retired?

His official number is 23 but when his jersey got stolen he wore a number 12 jersey

Who wear jersey number 6?

Patrick Ewing wore no. 6 in the Olympics game.

Which jersey does the game maker in soccer wear?

If you meant playmaker it's mostly number 10.

Where can you change your ID on Pokemon Diamond?

You cannot change your ID on any Pokemon game, let alone Pokemon Diamond. When you buy the game, the ID number is the number you get, you cannot change it.

In an All-Star hockey game do the players wear the same jersey throughout the game?

Yes. Altough in some cases the NHLPA may ask certain players to change their jersey after each period, signing them to to be auctioned off for charity.

What does the term blood jersey mean in soccer?

A blood jersey is a special jersey to be used if a player's normal jersey becomes torn, stained or otherwise unusable during the course of a game. The blood jersey has no name on the back along with a number not currently assigned to any player on the team.