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Q: Can you change your golf clothes during a round of a 36 hole tournament?
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Can you alter adjustable drivers and woods during your round in comps?

no it is i violation of the Pga rules and can result in tournament disqualification.

What is a hockey round tournament?

it is a hockey tournament that goes on over a day or more

In a 4 round tournament does the pin get moved for each round?

Yes, at the end of each round the pins are moved into a different position for the next round. Usually the tournament committee will keep the hardest pin positions for the final round.

Which golfer once incurred a two-stroke penalty for practicing his putting during the opening round of the Masters tournament?

Dow Finsterwald

What is the formula of double round robin tournament?

In a double round robin tournament, each player plays against every other player twice. In a single round robin tournament, everyone plays against each player only once.

How many seeds are in the NCAA tournament 64 or 65?

As of now, there are 65 teams in the tournament. Two teams (generally considered to be the worst in the tournament) play an "opening round" game. The winner gets the fourth 16 seed in the first round of the tournament.

How do you change your weapon in the midle of a round in black ops?

if you press start you can go to change classes whenever you want to during the round to change guns.

What is a round by round poker tournament?

If you are referring to the term "A round" in poker the answer is the following: A round is the term for a certain number of hands. Lets say there are 6 players on the table and the button (Dealer) is at player A's location. The button then moves with each hand to the next player (From player A to player B etc). Once the button reaches player A again, the round is finished and a new one starts.

What is the slowest round of golf ever recorded?

The slowest round of golf ever recorded is approximately 15 hours back in 2003 during a tournament on the European Tour. This prolonged round was due to severe weather conditions and the difficulty of the course.

When was the last time Princeton college won a basketball game in the NCAA tournament?

Princeton hasn't won a game in the NCAA tournament since 1998 when they beat UNLV in the first round, 69-57.

Round and round and round it goes the source but not the birth of clothes?


Who upset UNC in the first round of the 1999 NCAA tournament snapping a two-decade long streak of at least one tournament win a year?

UNC lost to Weber State, 76-74, in the first round of the 1999 NCAA tournament.