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I never had 2k 10

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Q: Can you change your D league team in NBA 2k10?
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What NBA d-league teams are there in NBA 2k10?


Best all around team on 2k10 for ps3?

There is Major League Baseball 2K10, NBA 2K10, and NHL 2h10 for the PS3. Do you want the Hockey, Baseball, or Basketball Team. see related links

Nba 2k10 how to change age?

you cant

Is there in Nba 2k10 a USA team code?


How do you change jersey in NBA 2K10?

i dont think you can

Who is the best team to play with on NBA 2k10?

The Nuggets

How do you get draft to the NBA on NBA 2k10?

In NBA 2k10, you must buy the "NBA 2K Draft Combine" Game, and upload your my player onto NBA 2K10.

What is the best team to use in NBA 2k10?

Magic and Lakers are my favorites

What team is Jeremy Lin on in NBA 2k10?

He wasn't a NBA player in '10. Therefor he is not in the game.

Better franchise mode NBA live ten or NBA 2k10?

NBA 2k10

NBA live 10 or NBA 2k10?

NBA 2K10. Its a better version and it has more realistics.NBA live 2010 is good but not realistic. My opinion NBA 2K10

Which is better NBA 10 The Inside or NBA 2k10?

NBA 2k10 is better for all the systems

When will NBA 2k10 be released?

NBA 2K10 Will be released on October 6, 2009.

Is there an NBA 2k10 iso for Wii?

Yes there is a nba 2k10 game for wii!!!

How do you put draft players on a team in NBA 2k10?

your suppost to sign them first

Do you always go to the NBA d league on NBA 2k10 on PS3?

no i did the six games and i did good and then they gave me a list of every NBA team then you pick one and try out you play 5 game if you do good the team is going to sign you..... good luck

How do you get out of the D-League in my player in NBA 2k10?

By doing great in 5 or more games.

What is better NBA live 10 or NBA 2k10?

NBA 2k10 better graphics and more realistic :)

Which is better NBA Live 10 or NBA 2K10?

nba 2k10 no questions asked.. it is the madden of basketball

How do you get Michael Jordan in NBA 2k10?

Michael Jordan is unfortunataly not on the game NBA 2k10. He is on NBA 2k09.

Is Allen Iverson on NBA 2K10?

yes he is. he is a free agent and you must add him to a team

Unlock Michael Jordan on NBA 2k10 for xbox360?

how do i unlock Michael Jordan on nba 2k10

Should you buy NBA live 10 or NBA 2k10?

nba live 10. nba 2k10 sucks online. its sad actually.

Will there be NBA 2k10?


Do you need NBA 2K10 draft combine to do my player mode on NBA 2K10?

No you can do my player mode on nba 2k10 you need draft combine only if you wanna get drafted after you complete it